Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some crazy blogger recipes!

Hey guys!!

So I don’t know how many blogs you read a day, but my average is around 45ish, while I don’t FULLY read all of them, I do scope out recipes and I’ve found some good sounding ones for you guys!!

CINNAMON SUGAR BACON – not that I am a big bacon eater, but hey it sounds interesting!?

Creamy (dairy free) Avocado Pasta – this one sounds amazing!  What could be better than avocado and pasta?

This doesn’t have so many recipes – but a whole bunch of vegan food from a backpacking trip to Egypt! Very interesting stuff!

I’m not just picking one recipe off this blog because there are too many amazing ones,  come check out my new favorite recipe inspiration blog!

Chocolate Swirl Raw Vegan Cheesecake Bars – HOLY YUM! Perfect for Valentines Day! 

Roasted Parsnip Soup (CREAMY with no dairy) with Mushrooms – the picture of this soup makes me drool!

Spicy Vietnamese Lemongrass Tofu – YES PLEASE! This sounds like a fantastic recipe!!


And lastly, for a little pick me up today… watch this video, it will be your highlight! 

Thank you to one of my classmates for posting!!

How many blogs do you read every day?!

Do you think you’ll test out any of these recipes?

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  1. I'm planning to try the avocado pasta recipe - just as soon as I find a good avocado out here. lol And that's no easy task!!!

    As far as blogs - my google reader is jammed. But most of them I give a quick read over - I comment on very few!

  2. a zillion and 2!!! haha...I'm reading all throughout the day-recipes sound great!!!!!

  3. wow, I need to try to avocado pasta! Everything sounds so amazing. I'm hungry!

  4. yes! those recipes look so good! ps i loved the video you posted the other day. it was nice to see you! :)

  5. Thanks for the shout! :) Try it - you will love it!

  6. Everything sound so good , I wannt try some.

  7. I will definitely be making the bacon recipe - I have that one bookmarked!


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