Tuesday, March 22, 2011

31 at 31

Well… today’s the day.  IT’s My BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 

In honour of my birthday, I thought I would pledge 31 (eerrr 15) things I would do for my 31st year!

Here' goes nothing;

1. Graduate! (no brainer, but trust me, it’s harder at this point than I thought!)

2. Read Crazy, Sexy Diet! (got it in the mail yesterday)

3. Do a 100% raw week this summer!  (which should be easy since I did almost 3 weeks last summer)

4. Read the China study (which I also got in the mail yesterday)

5. Blog!!! Back to 5 days per week with yummy recipes and not half ass posts!!

6. Travel somewhere hot!! ( I LOVE hot places)

7. Run 5km (race or no race) – this may seem small in the land of bloggers, but I used to run lots, and haven’t been able to find motivation, so 5km is a good goal for ME!

8.  Post a ton of OPERATION BEAUTIFUL notes – especially when working in the schools!!  I’m going to say 50… and I’m going to start TODAY!

9. Read at least 3 novels before summer is over

10. Commit to 2x green smoothies per week.

11. Have a blogger meet up!  There are so many of you lovlies SO CLOSE  - we need to make a date!

(ok this is getting hard now!)

12. Attend a foodie event (maybe while meeting up with the bloggers!!?)

13. Take a photography course!!

14. *shutter* register for an online course to start my degree!!  One at a time… (yes, I said it Tash, feel free to hold me to it)

15. Read the 4 Agreements (Guess what, I got THIS in the mail yesterday too – thanks to a gift certificate from Airmiles)


As for the other ones – I can’t think right now, I have to get going, because I’m going SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!  Today is a no homework – spend it with my hunny kinda day!!

What are your top 3 things to accomplish for the next year?

Plus – because it’s my birthday – I challenge each of you to post an operation beautiful note somewhere today!! YAY!

and then come and tell me about it, because that would make me REALLY happy and would make my birthday even better (and someone else’s day better too!!)  

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  1. Happy 31st! Welcome to the 31 club! I turned 31 in December...2 months after my wedding. Seems like we are on the same boat :)

    Photography class is on my list of things to do! I've been looking some up but they have the worst times. I know I can find a good one!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! this is a great list - I LOVE The Four Agreements - I read it many years ago and revisit it often...

  3. Happy Birthday!
    What a great list---I love making lists like that (I need to right now). It's so motivating!

  4. Awwwww.....it's your Birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I think your list sounds marvelous and I know you can accomplish all your goals!

    As for me I hope to:

    1) Recover from my stress fracture and get back to running pain free

    2) Become adept at riding my bike - I'm a gong show that can't make it over the slightest incline

    3) Incorporate swimming as a regular part of my exercise regime (I'm well on my way on this front)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) Hope you have an incredible day!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Our birthdays are actually kinda close (I just turned 37 on the 12th!), how cool is that? : )
    Hm, I have lots of things I'd like to do this year, but I think my top 3 would be: upgrading walks with my kiddos to tougher hikes, building a(nother!) add-on to our house, and actually getting some stuff listed in my nearly one-year-old (and still empty! hahaha!) Etsy shop.
    I haven't gotten off the farm today, so I stuck a note on the fridge for my boys. My 4 year old laughed, and my 11 year old kinda just rolled his eyes. Hahaha!
    Hope you're enjoying an awesome day with your sweetie! xoxo

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to accomplish the following:

    1) Finish all my graduate classes and start on my thesis.
    2) Tone up for my sister's wedding.
    3) Read many more books for fun!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Here are the top 3 things for this year:

    1. Continue to earn and save money for Jordan Knight concerts whenever he goes on tour.

    2. Find a full time job.
    3. Move out of my parent's house.

  9. Great list!!! I love that you are committing to one week of raw and two smoothies per week - it never occurred to me to do that! But even doing just that is enough! So smart. Thank you! :-)

    Have a great birthday and a greater year!


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