Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Austria Family and raw goodness!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the hiatus – It will probably happen often the next few weeks!!  I am smack dab in the middle of planning 4 weeks of summer camp, D’s parents are visiting and of course my family from Austria is here!! Busy Busy!!

Speaking of my visiting family – my mom sent me some cute pictures this morning from the family visiting from Austria!

This is my mom’s cousins daughter? (I think?)  Not sure what that makes her and I!!    She’s SUPER sweet and also planning a wedding, so we’ve had lots of wedding chats!! Judith and I

My mom and her cousin at the beach!!  PICT0559 All they both want to do is swim, but it’s been SO COLD here!!  But this week is supposed to be scorching! 

Also a picture of her and my Gma! gma and judith My Grandma is doing much better – she’s at home now,  still not her old self, but better than when in the hospital!


OK FOOD!!!!!!!

I finally made the Chocolate Cherry Bomb Smoothie that is taking over blog land!


It was good, but not as mind blowing as I was expecting!!  I will probably make it again, but play around with it a bit!

Have you tried it yet??


Last night one of my good friends came over for a raw dinner and to watch the batchelorette!!

I made her a mismash of raw goodies…

Started off with Amazing Avocados


I love these little goodies!!   So perfect for lunches!

Then zucchini noodles with creamy dill sauce.


Followed by my FAVORITE desert – Banana Lemon Pie (which you can find here)


It was a fun, yummy dinner with a great friend!!  Her and I always have the best chats and she’s here for a whole month, so I’m soaking up as much time with her as possible!! :)  


Like I said, we’re getting ready for visitors and I finally finished the guest room…


Hopefully they enjoy their little home away from home!! 

Forgive me if don’t post over the next bit, I promise to be back!!!  If you have something fun to do a guest post on, send it my way!! :)

Enjoy the sunshine,



  1. Oh you guys are going to have soo much fun! And I am dreaming of all the raw food you keep showcasing.

  2. I haven't tried that smoothie yet.

    I have those same flowers behind my bed - I get a lot of compliments on them ... they are so pretty!

  3. What is in the avocadoes? They look delish!

  4. That cake looks delish! And your guest room is adorable!


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