Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank you and a Blog Award

Well hello there!!

I have to send a shout out to the wonderful Jolene @ Every Day Foodie.  I won a giveaway on her site a few weeks ago, and got the delicious package last week…


Amazing grass, larabar, Burts Bees lip balm, peanut butter, hemp seeds, a face and hair mask , an AMAZING coconut bar (SO AMAZING) and a $25 gift card to Chapters… which I got this book with!!  (SO EXCITED about this book!) I can’t wait to test out all the goodies in this book!!

arfe2 So sending a HUGE thank you to Jolene for this amazing package! 


Also the lovely Kris from I Heart Wellness gave me a BLOG AWARD!


There are some Rules and Guidelines for this Award:

1. Thank the beautiful person who presented you with this award

2. Tell 7 things about yourself

3. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic!

So here it is……….

1. I am a reality TV junkie – Real Housewives, Hell’s Kitchen, ANTM, Bachelorette… love them!!

2. I used to run… I’ve done a 10km, 8km and a few 5km races.  I am SUPER slow, but I did it!!  Now I need to find the inspiration to get back to it again.

3. I am an only child.  Sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister, but then I turn around and think I would be completely happy having 1 baby!

4.  I bought my own condo when I was 27.  It was super cute.  Stainless steel appliances, gorgeous mountain view and funky updates.  I still own it, but rent it out to an awesome tenant!

5. I have been working with kids and special needs kids/adults for over 12 years.  (Besides Dave) It’s the love of my life!  I feel like I come alive around kids!!  It’s a very easy/natural job for me!!

6. I LOVE getting emails!  I check my email a million times per day, just in case I get a good one!! (Facebook too)

7. I broke my front tooth 2 times.  It’s still not fixed properly and drives me crazy, especially in pictures.  But I am trying to embrace it as me.  (Just hoping I can do some photo shopping to my wedding photos)

Now onto 10 bloggers, I love!!!!!! 

One of my newest and most favourite bloggers! Char from Char’s Kitchen! She’s upbeat and has awesome raw recipes on her site!

Simple Daisy – not like any other blog that I read, but she creates such beautiful things. I am inspired by her every time I see a new blog post!  (plus she’s an ocean girl like me!)

Happy Healthy Hottie.  What can I say, sweetest girl around! Her positive body imagine is amazing.  Another inspiration.

Tracey at Tropical Happiness!!  I love Tracey, because I could totally see us being friends in real life!  There are just some people you can tell… she’s one of them!  Plus, she posts some of the most amazing photos of her gorgeous tropicalness! haha

Opera Singer in the Kitchen – amazingly yummy vegan recipes galore! This girl knows how to cook!

The Voracious Vegan -  I respect  the lovely voracious vegan so much,  she is full of amazing feminist and vegan fire which I admire!! Plus, she easily creates some of the tastiest looking deserts in blog world.

Jesse Bites N Pieces – I always look forward to reading Jesse’s posts when they pop into my inbox!  Yummy vegan recipes and great posts about day to day adventures!

Jolene at Every Day Foodie – My longest, most loyal blog reader!!  I always look forward to her comments as well as her lovely blog posts!

Karen at To Be the Whole Package!  Lovely lady,  fellow wedding planner AND we are meeting in 2 – 3 weeks and I am so excited!!

Ali Fat to Fit – Besides being a lovely hearted person, she just bought her domain name, so you MUST go say hi and tell her CONGRATS!!

There you have it folks!! :)   Make sure to check out these awesome blogs!!  They are really all fabulous people who continually brighten my day!!

PS.  Of course there are MANY more of you too, this just merely skims the surface of wonderful blog friends I have! :)




  1. Congratulations to you on your award - you SO deserve it! And wow, thank you so much for passing it along to me. I'm blushing! :-)

    I LOVE learning random fun facts about people, and yours are great! I am SO impressed you bought your own condo at 27. WOW. I dream of owning my own house with a bit of land someday, it must be the most amazing feeling.

    And I LOVE emails and messages, too, and yes, I check the computer a zillion times a day. Isn't technology the best? Speaking of....why aren't we friends on facebook yet!!?!

    And don't you dare waste another second worrying about your tooth. First of all, I bet it's only noticeable to you, and second of all, even if it's not, I bet it makes you look cute and gorgeous! Embrace your fabulousness, lady!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeee girl!! Thanks for the award!! And I am so glad you liked your package!!!!

    I am totally a reality TV junkie too, and I LOVE getting emails. I check mine about 10,000 - 50,000 times a day ;-) Hehe!!!!

  3. Congrats on the award and that win! Love getting a food goodie box like that. Thanks for sharing the tidbits. It's always fun to learn about other bloggers.

  4. Thanks Jessica! HOw nice of you to include me on this list. Thanks for letting me know! Hope you daily life is going well!

  5. I love these sorts of posts! Such a great way to get to know a fellow blogger and to view a few more great blogs!!

    Take care,

  6. congrats on your book...you are going to LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!! i read mine like a novel LOL

    and your award, amazing facts and amazing girls you passed it onto. I know most of them!

    hair color. it's called high lift color. it's basically going to be able to do almost what bleach can do in terms of lifting/blonding you, but not using bleach. way safer for your hair and you are already so light, it will lift up in a snap for you. ask your stylist for it. They will try to tell you bleach is better, blah blah, but high lift just saves my hair from being too processed!

  7. your list is so fun, i love learning fun facts about people! and i'm the same way with my personal email...i love hearing from people :)

  8. Awww, thanks girlie!!!!! You are too sweet! I will post the award on my blog in the next couple of days and link back to you! I think you are fabulous as well and we would DEFINITELY be friends in "real life!" Wish we lived closer!!!!!!!!

  9. Congats to you!!
    And awwww....thanks for thinking of me! I really appreciate it:)
    I too love hearing from people...I check my e-mail as much as I can:)
    Take care!
    Oh and interesting facts about you!

  10. I'm just catching up on blogs . . . and only now realized you gave me an award!!! You're too awesome!!!!

    Many many thanks!!! :o)


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