Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Day Up & Giveaway winner!

Hey guys!
Long time no post!!  I had a great one for you, and when I went to post it, the whole thing disappeared!! EEK!  I can’t say I was a happy camper over that!!


It brings me to this post – which is a good one!!   

As for the winner of the giveaway -  Check out the bottom of this post!!! 

So this weekend we heading up to the Mountain for a music festival called “The Big Time Up”!  IMG_0115
There were a total of 9 bands all on an outside stage, with the backdrop being the beautiful mountains!!  We checked into our cute condo…
our condo was right at the ski lift base!!
Then we walked over to the venue!!
IMG_0114  The stage!!
We grabbed our spots, away from the dust pits…  and enjoyed all the bands!!  IMG_0119
It was A LOT colder than we were expecting, especially when the clouds started rolling in….
IMG_0122 After a bit, we decided it was time for dinner!!

I got the Vegan plate -  it was just ok… the beans were awesome! IMG_0120 Then back to our seats to enjoy the show… 
IMG_0131 Once the final band came on (Cat Empire) we headed up closer to the stage!  (AKA the dust pit!)  IMG_0136
All in all it was a great day!!   We were tired and SUPER dirty after, but it was all worth it!!
IMG_0144 Stay tuned this week for part 2!!!

GIVEAWAY WINNER -   you should be getting an email shortly regarding your cookbook!!  Congrats Vicky!!

Anywhoo .... How are you guys?  I miss chatting with you on twitter etc… life has just been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to check in!  So tell me how you are,  what’s new!! ETC!! 
xo Jess


  1. Looks like such a fun festival! You guys are such a cute couple, I can't wait to hear more about the wedding! Have a great week!

  2. I LOVE outdoor concerts!!!

    Good to hear from you - it has been a while!

  3. What a weekend! I love the pictures -- you're beautiful!

    Congrats to the winner!

  4. aww your weekend looks great and welcome back...thanks for saying hi today..i know we are all so busy and that's a great thing...out & living our real lives!! :)


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