Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surprise Wedding Shower!

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a fun weekend!  Mine was pretty great! 

On Sunday, my lovely friends threw me a wedding shower!! (YAY) Although the wedding is still a LONG ways away – it was perfect time because of all the family visiting as well as a good friend was in town!! 

It was supposed to be a surprise, but I may have known about it ;)  Which I was happy about because I got to wear a dress!! haha

They decorated beautifully!   DSC_1960

Everything in PINK! (my fav color!) DSC_1965


All my gifts!! I got VERY spoiled!! :)  DSC_1974  My “Surprised look” DSC_1982DSC_1983I felt so lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of my favourite people! 

DSC_2038 My cousin from Austria, my mom, one of my fabulous planners/friend, (peeking behind) my maid of honours mom – whose also what I call “part of my chosen family”, my oldest friend, ma in law to be, my maid of honour and one of my high school friends!  Of course then Lance’s butt  and me!

There is a bit of a theme going on with my friends these days! DSC_2049

I was happy too – everyone knows me so well and took pictures of all the food – just for my bloggy friends before I even showed up!  DSC_1966

The super yummy punch with coconut milk!  I think the recipe was posted to my fridge, so if you want it, let me know!  



JELLY BELLIES!! my fav!!  What’s your fav flavour?  I love buttered popcorn and pear!   DSC_2039

Ok ok… on to fun gifts!

As someone said “Sexy Martini Glasses”!!!


Raw cook book – with GORGEOUS Pictures!  DSC_2014 Of course there were SO many other fun gifts!  Popcorn maker, great bloggie dishes, serving bowls, espresso cups, glass jugs, popsicle thingies and so much more – I was spoiled rotten!

It was just a great day with good friends!  I was told it was kept small, because there is more fun times to come! ( UH OH!) – I was grateful for everyone that made it though!

My mom and mom in law to be!   DSC_1994 The lovely ladies who planned the shower… (thanks girls – you guys are the best!)DSC_2043 One of my dearest friends!  (this is our first picture together in about 10 years) DSC_2051 My friend since I was 2!!!    DSC_2048

My cousin (or something like that) from Austria! DSC_2035

Thanks for a great day everybody!  It got me into the wedding mood for sure!!  And cheers to more celebrations!! 

And to leave you with a cute picture from when D got home!!  Apparently I say this a lot – I’m not so sure about it though ;)



Hope you had a great weekend!! What did you get up to???


  1. Oooooooooooh that is SO fun!!! I seriously LOVE showers!!! I cannot wait to plan my sister's shower!!

    The food looks great, the decorations are very pretty, and the gifts sound awesome! What a great weekend you had!

  2. Looks like a fabulous day! Lucky girl =)

  3. fun!!!
    Everything looks so cute too:)

  4. What a nice celebration! Looks like you had a great time. :)

  5. What a fabulous surprise and too much fun!


  6. nice! I was given a "whatever" keychain before as I apparantly say it a lot too! Whatever!!

  7. Ahh darling! Thanks so much for sharing this precious and special moment with us! Don't you just have the most wonderful friends and family??


  8. Glad you had fun! And yes, there is more fun to come!! :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your special day with are going to be a stunning bride :)

  10. how FUN for you!!

    I love all the pink (my fav color too) and the jelly bellies NOM! :) what a fun idea... I have to steal that one...


    congrats to you, you will be a beautiful bride!!

  11. Ahhh how lovely and adorable! Love the decorations!! My friends are starting to get engaged so bridal showers galore are happening. Love it!

    I also LOOOVEEE the pear Jelly Bellies! Fave! And the red apple/sour apple flavors. Mmmhmmm.


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