Monday, January 31, 2011

Good *Monday* morning!! :)

Awwh…  only 11 days until we leave!!  So excited/nervous!! 

I won’t be putting out many posts in the next 2 weeks, as I am crazy busy!   But stick around because once I get back, there will be a bunch of awesome recaps of our trip!! Smile    And wedding details that I know a few of you are excited to hear!! Smile 

Thanks to the ladies at school (who are amazing) for an awesome stagette! 


(little did I know, this wasn’t all I was getting dressed up in!) Smile 

You all know I’d post pictures but many of them are highly incriminating haha…  we had a fantastic time though and I even got to go out dancing, which I haven’t done in forever!    And the food……  was so good!  Everyone made a dairy free dish for me (awwh)  There were salads, and salsas, and amazing noodles, fresh baked buns, dairy free deserts,  it was fantastic!


They also did (which is an amazing idea)  a money/wedding advice tree!


This was an amazing gift idea!!  I want to pass it onto anyone planning a baby or wedding shower.

Everyone submitted some wedding advice and anonymously gave some cash!   I love the anonymous part, because some people don’t like giving cash because they can only give a little, and my theory on this is no one should have to feel bad, so being able to do it anonymously is fantastic!!

I am for sure doing this for any stagettes/showers I do!!  Who doesn’t appreciate cash?    And the wedding advice was beautiful!   Plus we have a tree to plant to symbolize our wedding!

Anyways, that’s all the stagette pictures you get!!  You guys know my thing about not posting friend pictures without permission, so I don’t want to do that!!

Anywhoo have a great Monday!!!

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  1. That is such a creative great idea!!!!

  2. I love the tree, such a fun gift idea! I'm soooo excited for you lady, it will be here before you know it!

  3. You are so gorgeous!!! What a wonderful idea and a fun time you fun :)

    I am so excited to see recaps of the wedding!

    your cookies are in the mail!!


  4. Looks like loads of fun :)

    ...and great food!

  5. I love love love the idea of the wedding advice tree. Oh and you have such lovely friends to consider your dietary needs as well. I am excited to hear all about the wedding deets and they are posted. Wowee girl, next time we chat, you will probably be married! Yay!

  6. I love the tree idea!! I am going to remember that one for any showers I plan.

  7. I am *SO* excited for you, My Favorite Betty! ;)

    I love the advice idea... I've been to a couple wedding showers recently where they did that in a book or notecards... neat thing for the bride to have!

    you look great all dressed up - and so happy!


  8. I have been to so many shower/stagettes and rarely see any unique ideas but that tree is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the tree idea... I'm sure you will remember that and your special evening for many more years to feels awesome when friends do that for you.


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