Friday, April 2, 2010

Mediterranean Pasta

I am going to try to plug this blog post out before our lights go out!  We have a 60-80km wind/storm warning going on right now!!

Hopefully we don’t end up like this…

Storm_watching_in_Tofino_during_fall_and_winter_252953 (Source) – FYI this is a great website to read about the island!


Anyways… back to food, it’s been awhile since I posted one of my creations… So here is a good one!!

My pasta!! This is one of my favourite meals to make… Unfortunately, Dave doesn’t share my enthusiasm for all the ingredients, so I waited for him to be gone for the evening and whipped this baby up!!

Dairy Free Betty’s Mediterranean Pasta!

Start off filling up a pan of veggies for roasting!!  (I used zucchini and cauliflower), cut off the top of a whole head of garlic and drizzle with some olive oil.  

Roast in a 350 oven until the veggies are a wee bit caramelized.  (about 1/2 hour – 3/4 hour) and the garlic is soft.

DSC_1197While your veggies are roasting – coarsely chop up some marinated artichoke hearts, drained  sundried tomatoes, black olives.  Toss into a pasta dish.   DSC_1196When veggies are done roasting, a toss into the pasta dish and pop the garlic out of the skin and coarsely chop! DSC_1205

Cook up pasta of choice (I used whole wheat)

Add pasta to the dish  and toss!  Add about a tsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and some fresh basil…


I like to also add a big dollop of hummus to make it creamy!  Another flavor that would be fantastic is a few drops of balsamic!


This pasta is delicious – there are tons of varieties you could use too!!  Add in some shrimp, chicken or chickpeas.   Use couscous or  quinoa instead of pasta.   If you can have dairy – feta would be AMAZING in this!!   The possibilities are endless!!

Let me know if you give this a go!!  I am off to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and try not to blow away!!


Speaking of tea!  Is anyone interested in doing  a tea exchange?  I am super bored of all my teas, and would love to try some new ones…  I am thinking of getting an envelope and stuffing it full of different types of teas (not boxes, just the individually wrapped tea bags!!)     I am looking for delicious green and herbal teas (no black tea!!)  in return I’ll be sending out a bunch of spicy and green teas!!

Let me know!!! I am only looking to do one exchange, so first person who comments will be my tea exchange person!


Enjoy your Friday off!!!   Anything fun planned for Easter?             I am cooking a chicken with some good old fixins’ and we are probably painting our bedroom (yay last room in the house to paint!!)

Talk soon,



  1. I LOOOOVE this! Pasta is one of my favorite things ever, and you've combined so many of my favorite things with this dish. Roasted garlic is always amazing and the hummus dollop is a great idea!

  2. Pasta looks Yummy, love the idea of putting Hummus on it. My hubby would probably not eat it. He would would call this Fancy Pasta and he is more a simple kind of guy.

    I would LOVE to do a tea exchange!!
    I heard Vancouver has the best selection of Green Tea.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ooo I love the idea of roasting the garlic along with the rest of the veggies :)

  5. What a great looking pasta.
    What a fun idea a tea exchange! I would totally be into it.

  6. Oh it has been too long since I visited your blog - that pasta looks awesome!

    I am the second one, but thought I would note anyway - if you want to do a tea exchange sometime (or a second one!) let me know! I am also getting bored with my teas and I am a tea-aholic. I only drink herbal tea with some greens and whites thrown in - but I never buy black so we are on the same page!

    I'm also at - I think I am logged in under Go Dairy Free - should you want to reach me about tea anytime!!

  7. That pasta looks yummmmmmmmy!!! I would do a tea exchange, but you can't buy any interesting teas in Saskatchewan :-(

  8. oh my goodness that looks like it's to die for!!! I just might have to make that sometime! Are you getting insanely excited for your wedding and planning like crazy? Have you found a dress yet?

  9. tea exchange sounds fun and i hope it works out for you!

    the pasta..nice. looks awesome. i love arti hearts :) mmmm, good stuff girl!


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