Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wow… it really feels like fall today!  12 degrees and GREY… boo.

I love where I live, but I dislike the grey weather…

But it’s a perfect opportunity to have warm drinks.

DSC_0190 Almond Milk with Chai….  DSC_0191 So tasty!  I bought D a cappuccino maker for his birthday, so I am enjoying frothing my almond milk!!

It’s also a perfect time to curl up with these…

DSC_0197 I’m not giving up on my flip flops yet though, I will embrace wet feet! 


I also made a decision last night, I am going to join Weight Watchers for the next few months before the wedding.  I think I need to get on track with portion sizes and slim down a little bit before I expose my body in a bathing suit!! haha

Are any of you weight watchers people?  Any tips for me?  I joined before, but I was doing the CORE program.


Anyways, a few other eats from the last few days…

This is one of my favorites from our favorite Vietnamese place!

Rice vermicelli with veggies, pork and egg rolls… mmmm


Probably won’t be eating much of this on WW, but we’ll see how it fits!!

On the warmer days I had some banana/strawberry soft serve with chocolate sauce..


Oh and of course there was avocado pudding… mmmm


This stuff is amazing!!

Anywhoo… have a great day!!  I got stuff to do and people to see!! haha



  1. I have heard great stories from WW - I personally have never tried it, though.
    It is raining here - I love it! Although I am naturally cold ALL OF THE TIME. I can never seem to stay warm =)

  2. I have also heard many successes through WW - I have not tried it. Jason's mom reads my blog :) and wants me to put nutritional info with my recipes... including WW points - but I have NO IDEA how to calculate?

    I think those AWESOME LOOKING egg rolls would be part of WW, but they may use most of your points :)

    Do you like the Ani's book any more yet? (I thought you said you weren't too keen, did I dream that?) It is one I've been thinking of buying, so I'd love some feedback...

    Yesterday it SNOWED in Central Oregon, and today in Portland it is raining, but I don't mind it... kinda like it, actually! :)

    It's cozy! and I'm baking today, so the house smells awesome and it feels like fall / winter. :)

    Have a great evening!! XO

  3. One of my best friends recently did Weight Watchers, and she had a lot of success with the program!

  4. I did WW the year after having the kiddo, and lost all of the weight and then some. It was good to learn portion control, etc, but? When I went off the points system, I gradually gained it all back and then some, which has suuuucked. So I feel like I need to relearn the same lessons about portions and stuff, but it's hard with all the high-cal raw snacks that I do consider so healthy- if you're looking strictly at calories, they're hard to justify! But anyway, WW is a decent plan. The best lessons to take from it are about portion control, getting your fibre, water, and another thing that helped me, back when I was motivated, was appointing a time in the evening to stop eating, like 7 or 8.

    I really need to do something like this- thanks for the inspiration!


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