Monday, August 9, 2010

Raw Food Potluck…

Happy Monday everyone!!

I’m excited to say that as soon as I drop off some stuff today, I am done work for 4 whole weeks!! (Then school starts!)  There is lots of camping in our near future!! yay!!

Rewind to last Wednesday… I had the ladies over from the Raw Food Course I took in June and we had a raw food potluck!  40166_416270697469_523997469_5174934_6637937_n The food was amazing… DSC_2101

Garden Fresh Broccoli, Jicima Salad, “Not Egg Salad”, 2x kale chips, cauliflower salad, and an amazing pistachio, parsley dish!


These were amazing.  Zucchini roll ups with pesto and veggies!   40166_416270682469_523997469_5174931_8314490_n But the star of the show…

Raw Lasagna!! DSC_2111 This was amazing…

DSC_2107 All the raw ladies sitting down for dinner… DSC_2116 My plate x 2 DSC_2117 Desert was amazing too, but I’m not sharing yet, as it’s coming up next week in my Our Big Earth article. 

It was a lovely evening with lovely people.  40548_416269977469_523997469_5174902_6444977_n Have you ventured into the raw world yet?? 

There are so many great recipes out there!! 

Ciao for now!



ps.  Thank you Deborah for letting me use a few of your pictures!!


  1. Looks like a really yummy meal. Wish I had enough raw foodie friends around do to a raw potluck. =)

    I've been mostly raw for a while now and loving it.

  2. What a beautiful spread! Raw food can be really delicious, it's a shame I don't eat more of it. ;)

  3. That looks amazing! I wish i could have crashed that party. haha!

  4. Everything looks very tasty. I've been wanting to venture into some raw food but the recipes in all the books I see seem to take a lot of time, organzation and planning.

    Now if someone would just prepare all the food for me I'd be all set.

  5. what a great spread and fun times!!!

    raw lasgana is something i totally want to make but just havent done it..yet :)

    glad the caramels worked for ya!!!

  6. Raw lasagna.....I could get used to that! Everything looks so wonderful and everyone looks like they are having a great time!

    I should really go more raw...I think I am pretty good now, but I want to be better!


  7. Your raw potluck looks amazing! Such fun! Love the pretty serving dishes, too.

    Enjoy your 4 weeks off:)

  8. I just stumbled across your blog, which I LOVE! I especially love how active you are on it and love the name of your blog! Congratulations!! Then to my surprise and I was completely flattered is that I saw you have a link to MY blog on the right hand side ( thank you so much, I am so happy to 'meet' :) xxTanya Alekseeva

  9. I haven't ventured into the raw world yet - I don't really know where to start. I am going to pick up a recipe book!!


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