Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What dreams are made of!


Have you tried this stuff yet?  It’s AMAZING!!   I also tried the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, which I also like – but it’s not quite as dreamy!   I have been enjoying it, SO mucho!!


A few other things on my plate lately!  

Roasted broccoli, kale with raisins and sunflower seeds and cajun white fish (not sure what kind!)   DSC_1961 I am LOVING fish these days!!! MMMM  Covered in some flour, salt, pepper, cajun and garlic powder pan fried with a wee bit of oil!

VERY random snack plates -  carrot salad, blue berries and The Clean Eating Mama’s cashew cheese!  SUCH an awesome recipe!

DSC_1968 Also loving the cheese as a spread…  (not the best pic, I was HUNGRY)

DSC_1972 Check out that recipe for sure… you’ll love it and the possibilities with it are endless!!!!!!!!

Another Cajun fish with kale!! MMM…  I am growing tons of kale in the garden right now, love love love it!!  DSC_1985

Of course there have been amazing smoothies.  This one is mango, banana, strawberry and the Vega vanilla shake and go! 

Easily the best smoothie I have had in a LONG time… I was out of spinach or that would have been tossed in too!  DSC_2092

I am also LOVING the breakfast cookie these days – especially stuffed with peanut butter!    DSC_1965

Or slathered in peanut butter!!


So in love with breakfast cookies…mmmm  Have you tried one yet?  I especially like Oh She Glow’s version.

What have you been loving lately???  I love new recipes!  Feel free to link drop your fav things these days!!

Have a LOVELY DAY!!  I am hosting a raw food potluck tonight, so be ready for a whole swack of pictures!! :)




  1. I'm not allowed to buy PB&Co products anymore. I eat them all in one sitting. Not that that's bad, but my wallet doesn't like it!!

  2. I LOVE PB&co, especially the white chocolate one. Yum! I have never tried a breakfast cookie, but now I think I need to. :)

  3. I am so glad you love the recipe! I use it as spread, too. =)

  4. the dark choclate is my favorite, closely followed by white chocolate wonderful and then smooth operator :)

  5. love today's post. I went ot Oh She Glows and am converting one of her recipes right now to raw, to give some to the kids; a cookie recipe.
    Peace and RAW Health,


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