Friday, August 27, 2010

Garden Goodness

Happy Friday!!!    It’s amazing to me that I am going back to school in just over a week!  Truth be told, I am FREAKING out…

I was never the smartest cookie in school and always had to work super hard to get good marks, so this I assume will be the same. 


So glad you guys enjoyed yesterday’s post so much.  Thank you for all the RT on twitter


Anywhoo… on to fun summer stuff…   My garden is insane… I can’t even keep up with everything coming out… I totally missed all the beans, and have enough kale to make at least 1 huge batch of kale chips every few days!!

And check out that ZUCCINI!!  It’s a monster… but it is so good, so sweet!

DSC_0193 I think my favorite though is easily fresh tomatoes!  I love everything about them.  DSC_0208 They are hands down WAY better than anything you can get store bought.    When you pick them off the stem, you can smell that amazing tomatoe flavor…

I just love tomatoes on toast.  DSC_0195 Along with a side of one of my favorite things…  DSC_0196 Oh yes, it’s true!!  Brussel Sprouts with vinegar and pepper = LOVE

I also made this awesome dish from the Raw Rose cookbook I got.

DSC_0204 So amazing!!  It was a perfect lunch!

What’s your favorite thing to do with tomatoes and zucchini? 

I am needing some recipes, as I have SO much stuff coming out of my garden!!

Well I’m off to spend my Friday with these…

DSC_0197 Yay!!!  I am LOVING the operation beautiful book – the Ani Phyo to be honest, is just ok… 

Most of the stuff is full of flax, and flax and I aren’t friends!!   But I’ll try a few recipes, maybe sub Chia seeds…

Questions of the day… (feel free to answer on facebook or twitter too)

  • What are your favorite things to do with zucchini and/or tomatoes?
  • Have you made anything out of the Ani Phyo book? 
  • Thoughts on Operation Beautiful?

Have an awesome weekend!!



  1. Alright Jess...
    What are your favorite things to do with zucchini and/or tomatoes?

    - I just purchased a spiralizer (yay!) and I have been making pasta out of this wonderful veggie. Oh, and I must not forget zucchini bread ;)

    Have you made anything out of the Ani Phyo book?

    - I have one of her books and I do enjoy it. I jsut don't have a dehydrator =( so most of the recipes I can't make.

    Thoughts on Operation Beautiful?

    - I have yet to purchase the book but I love the concept. However, while I know that "fat talk" should never be tolerated, people also need to keep in mind that obesity is a life threatening health condiditon and should not be taken lightly.

  2. My favorite way to eat zucchini and green tomatoes together (a recipe passed down through my family). There are no exact amounts of anything but it goes something like this....

    Heat a little oil in a pan and add in diced onions, diced green tomatoes and sliced zucchini and summer squash. Cook until veggies are soft and then sprinkle in a mix of salt, pepper, and corn meal, which should lightly coat veggies. Cook until corn meal is light brown and veggies are well cooked. Sounds kind of weird but it's sooo yummy.

  3. I love tomatoes on toast also!! so good... zucchini I like to cube and saute and add to pizza... YUM :)

    I think Operation Beautiful is a great idea. Sometimes the smallest thing can make a huge impact on someone.

  4. I have made Ani's donut holes (divine!) and sunburgers with sesame sunbread (delicious!). I have just been dicing a whole tomato and half a zucchini and drizzling it with EVOO or dressing. I also love to make zucchini bread! Garden fresh tomatoes are heaven!

  5. My fave thing to do with tomatoes is make a simple salad or pico de gallo. My fave thing to do with zucchini is put it in stir-fry.

    I have never made anything out of that recipe book before - but I definitely am going to check it out.

  6. im loving ur raw mealss they look so deliciouss! i think i wanna get her book too and incorporate some more rawness in my diet! it looks so good!!

  7. Your recipes look really delicious. I always make some salsa out of my tomatoes. Since my zucchini plants always produce many I always make them in canned so they can preserve for a long time.

  8. I love to toast tomatoes too. Sometimes I made some salsa out of it but it makes me sick when I am always doing it. A friend of mine suggests making some tomato egg pie. In my surprise it is really delicious. Why don’t you try it?

  9. I also love tomatoes in toast bread plus lettuce, ham and some mayonnaise on it. I really love eating that one. I just feel so relaxed when I eat that snack. Your post makes me hungry.


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