Monday, August 30, 2010

An Interesting Concoction

Happy Monday!!

Today marks the 1 week until school mark! EEK!!  I “think” I’m ready… maybe!!

So, as always another inspired creation today.

You know OhSheGlows overnight oats?

Well I made my own interesting concoction…

Chia Seed + Banana Soft Serve + Chocolate Avocado Pudding…

DSC_0213 To make the avocado pudding...

1 ripe avocado + 1 TBSP Cocao powder + Agave to taste.

For the Chia, I used a package of ….. chia/chocolate mixture ( I can’t remember the name, and don’t have the bag anymore)

Banana Soft Serve – 1 frozen banana + splash of almond milk in food processor !! DSC_0214 Then layer, and you get a VERY decedent yummy breaky!  Unfortunately it didn’t keep me full very long, but it was amazing!!

Served along with a RAW magazine I won on Girl On Raw’s blog awhile ago!!  DSC_0211 Mmmmmm

DSC_0212 So good!!

Have you tried the Overnight Oats or any version yet?? I’d love to hear what you came up with!!

Also, have you tried avocado pudding?  It’s amazing!!!


Hope you had a fab weekend!!    It was one of my BFF’s wedding shower, and we had a blast..  Here is a sneak peak of a few pics.

We set up during the day.  So pretty!  DSC_0228


and a picture of the bride & I…

Jess and OJ So fun!!

Enjoy your Monday!!




  1. Yummy! I had raw pie for breakfast the other day - walnut/date crust, chocolate avocado layer, coconut vanilla layer. Too sweet, but it kept me full for a looooong time. I might try a less sweet version at home, and incorporating chia is always a good idea.

  2. You've just inspired me to freeze some bananas! Thanks for the inspiration. :D


  3. nommity - NOM ! :)

    yes, I've made overnight oats several times, although not recently?

    I have a vegan chocolate mousse made with avocado... it is AMAZING... I made it the other day and have photos to post a blog... I'll have to do this soon... :)

    The shower set up looks pretty, and so do you and the bride!! :)

  4. I love Angela! She has such a great site and so many good recipes. Although I must admit I'm not a fan of overnight oats. I always do oats and then mix yogurt in for a cooler oat dish.

  5. I like the change in the look of your blog - it looks great!! The colours are awesome :-)

    I have made overnight oats many, many times! They are my new fave breakfast.


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