Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scones Oh Beautiful Scones!

I was totally inspired by this lovely lady with her scone recipe this morning.   This lovely lady was inspired by this lovely lady who was the creator of these lovely scones…

I broke the rules a bit, and instead of using the tea bag and lavender they suggested I used a Chai tea bag that I broke open….   
I heart Chai… 

I soaked it in the milk and then added it to the recipe.  As well as to the icing/glaze… (I added a touch of vanilla to the glaze as well) DSC_0159
As for the recipe,  for the butter I used coconut oil and for the milk I used almond milk…  DSC_0156  Let me be honest.  THESE ARE AMAZING!! I love the spicy flavour of the chai, mixed with the sweet glaze.
Mmmm… Thanks Ilana and Heather for this amazing recipe!!

DSC_0161 Anywhoo, we are off camping (and I’m taking my scones with me!) So I shall see you on Monday(ish)

Is there a certain tea you would use to make scones?? 

I was thinking ginger might be delish!!
Ciao for now,


  1. Those scones look really good. I have some sugar cookie sleigh ride tea in my cabinet. I bet that would make for one tasty scone, yum!

  2. they look SO lovely. I have some rose chai tea I'm planning on using later this week to make another batch...they effing rock!!

  3. Ginger would be great, but like you I would probably use chai or spice! Maybe mint tea in chocolate scones?

  4. Yum!!! Those look absolutely amazing!!!



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