Thursday, July 21, 2011

On my plate

Well hello!

Thanks to everyone for the lovely chats on facebook – I didn’t realize that everyone except for West Coasters were having a heat wave!  I love being able to chat with you guys! Feel free to leave notes whenever you like – especially if you have a question – because my comments don’t let me answer!

So… to say I have come up with some amazing goodies in the kitchen would be a lie.  I’ve come up with some really simple – yet satisfying goodies though!    I’ve been working hard at the fitness studio to get it ready for opening on MONDAY – so my meals have been sub par!

My breakfasts have looked like the following  -

This was tasty (weird yes – but tasty also) – Toasted bread with earth balance, nooch and asparagus…  on a paper towel Embarrassed smile.


A new to me granola from Girlnola.  It was SO tasty!! Everything was perfectly crunchy – even after an almond milk bath!  New love!  (more on this later)


I’ve also been loving the breakfast sandwich – Brown bun with tomato, mayo and an egg!


As for lunch and dinner – it’s been equally as sub par…

I’ve been eating homemade pizza like a crazy women – it’s just such a satisfying meal and makes for lots of left overs (double score).

This one was simple; hummus base, caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes and herb de providence.




Once I get bored with the flavours – I add a little bit of dressed salad to the top!


It just adds a bit of extra excitement!


Another thing I have been eating far too much of – which I think is just my protest against summer not being here… SMORES!


Quick, easy microwave smores!! haha 

And THEN I saw that Elizabeth made smore pops!! Are you kiddddddddddding?


Apparently I should have read the directions and not crunched up the smores so tiny – but they are awesome.

DSC_0891 Yup, love them!!

Anywhoo – as you can see – nothing exciting has come out of my kitchen – although last night I made some almond cheese (a different recipe) so if that turns out – I’ll be sure to let you know!!

How is your summer going so far?  Have you been burning up or staying cool?

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  1. Yay! So glad you liked the s'mores on a stick idea-- aren't they fun to make? :) That pizza looks pretty amazing-- I love adding greens to salad. Hope you're having a great week, girl! xo

  2. those smores pops look awesome!

    girl, I'm right there with ya, we had a really great week of warm and we opened the pool, now it's COLD :( hopefully August will bring summertime!

  3. can you save me a plate? I want the egg sandwich please!

  4. loove the toasty asparagus idea!
    The s'more on the bottom right has a face! :|

  5. The heat has been INSANE, but I love it! It feels like I am in Mexico :-)

    My summer just got a lot better yesterday, because I handed in and presented the last of my homework for my summer class!!!! FREEDOM!!!

  6. I love the addition of the caramelized onions on the hummus pizza! What a clever and delicious idea!

  7. Apparently I should have read the directions and not crunched up the smores so tiny – but they are awesome.

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