Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Great Fundraising Act

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!!  Mine was fantastic – and I’m looking forward to the next few being just as great!

I am SO excited about what’s coming up!

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An email was sent out last week to a bunch of bloggers = asking for some help with an upcoming auction and bake sale for our dear friend Susan from the Great Balancing Act.  She was recently diagnosed with cancer – and will have a bunch of medical bills to pay for over the upcoming months.  We all decided to ban together to put on THE GREAT FUNDRAISING ACT on July 25th (2 weeks from today).

This is open to anyone – bloggers, non bloggers – anyone at all can bid on items or can just donate.  You can donate at any point – but  the auction/bake sale will take place on the 25th.

If you are able to donate something awesome!  If you want to bid – beautiful.  If you want to just donate – you are amazing!!   All proceeds go 100% to Susan!

Want to know more – Check out all the details here and here.

To donate directly… you can click here

Even $5 will help! 

I will be donating a box full of goodies – including my peanut butter balls – and some of the RICE milk chocolate – so if you want in on the goods – get ready to bid!!

If you want to know a bunch of ways to help promote this event you can click here.

Let’s all get together and do what we can for Susan!!

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PS.  If you are a business that is willing to donate an item + shipping to the auction please email Janetha or shoot me a message!

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  1. What a great idea! I've never read Susan's blog, but I'll check it out, and I'll try and bid too!


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