Friday, July 15, 2011

Raw Foodie Reunion

Hey guys!

Hope you still love me even if I’m not posting as much!

Last night I got to head out to the place I did my raw foods course last summer for dinner!  It was lovely to see all the new recruits and to reunite with Raw Rose and my good friend Deborah!

The location is just so stunning!!  These pictures were taken as I was walking in.



Look close – cruise ship sighting!



The place that they do their (un) cooking looks out on this view! Incredible hey?

The cooking location is beautiful and oh so west coast.


The ladies making Cashew Cream!


For dinner was “neatloaf” with coleslaw and a few left overs from the night before – including deconstructed shish kabobs (with pineapple), sprouted quinoa/carrot salad and an avocado salad with blueberries!




My plate!  Not so pretty but I assure you the food was incredible!


Side view!


Loved it!!

For dessert were apricot chews – which unfortunately I didn’t try – as flax and I are not friends (and I’d already had some in the meatloaf)


Luckily they saved me RAW chocolate covered frozen banana!  (This recipe was one of my favorite –yet simple- treats from the course)!

Enter bad banana picture!


And a funny face!


It was a great evening, and I’m SO glad I got to visit this year.  Rose and Deborah are some of the sweetest ladies out there!

You can check out my raw adventures from last summer here.

And of course check out Raw Roses website (she has an amazing raw food e-book for sale too), it’s my favorite raw food cookbook and it has free recipes! And I only promote it because I love it!  (I get nothing for it in other words!)


Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Not sure when I’ll be back – we have a wedding this weekend and then next week is a busy one, the studio/gym that I am working at is opening next Monday so we are busy busy getting everything organized!!  (Aka – I have not been cooking or creating!)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful class! I'm always amazed by the creativity of some raw foods!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place! I know what you mean about being busy... we will all be here when you have time to post! :)

  3. I think summer time tends to be that way... I know I am outside and living, enjoying, rather than blogging lately. :) no biggie!

    the food all sounds great - the apricot chews sound SO good... I love apricot!

    have a great weekend - we had a wedding last weekend and another one NEXT... 'tis the season!

  4. Mmm all looks so yummy!! Beautiful photos :)

  5. That place looks amazing! I would love to do something like that, maybe someday :)

  6. How could you say your plate doesn't look good? Looks incredible to me! Looks like a tasty feast!

  7. Have fun at the wedding!!!

    I really need to experiment more with raw dishes - I am fascinated by the raw food movement.

  8. OH WOW everything looks soo good! Thanks for posting pics ! Of course we still love ya even though u dont post every day :)

  9. YUM!! Holy Moly! This place looks FAB!! I should really try to play more with Raw Dishes, but I don't, I wonder why...hmmm



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