Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Curried Kebabs

What’s shaken bacon? 

I have a SMOKIN good recipe for you – and it’s easy and customizable. It came from a gouda (yes like the cheese) friend who brought kebabs to a beach fire the other night.


Kebabs + beach fire – beauty!

So I just loved this idea – and then we had to bring food to a birthday party the other night.. que kebabs (I like that word kebab!).

What oh what to marinate the kebabs in?  

                  What is one of my very favourite flavours in the whole wide world?

                                                     CURRY of course!  Red Thai curry to be exact!

Chop up which ever veggies you desire; 

                 Ours included; mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, and fresh pineapple.


Throw into a bowl (or I mean place gently <veggies have feelings you know>)

Mix together in a bowl  (two different options for marinade)

Orange Curry

1/4 cup orange juice

2 TBSP oil (I used grape seed)

2 TBSP red curry paste


Coconut Curry

1/4 cup coconut milk

2 TBSP red curry paste

Dash or so of fish sauce !!

A pinch of sugar!

Pour over veggies and let sit for as long as possible!  A couple of hours at very least!


While marinating you need to soak your skewers so they don’t burn on the BBQ~

Up next it’s time to stack.


I have no rhyme or reason for how I do it, BUT i always start and end with a zucchini piece!

Keep going until everyone is full.

DSC_0919Poor lonely mushroom skewer – somebody in this house hold (no names) doesn’t like mushrooms.



Stack em and get ready to BBQ!


Grill on medium heat until the veggies get to desired level of readiness.

We like our to have char marks on them, and we judge when they are done by the caramelization of the onions!


These ones weren’t grilled enough!  But we were SO hungry!

Awesome idea to bring to a potluck – and make sure you do the fresh pineapple it was amazing!!


You could also make some fruit ones to grill  - think pineapple, peaches, nectarines – maybe even grapes?

I think these might be my favourite summer dinner meal so far!!


What’s your favourite go to summer meal?

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PS.  If you are wanting to the raw thing – just marinate these babies over night and the marinade should soften the veggies!


PSS… if you haven’t noticed – I’m in a a giddy/over tired mood haha.. hopefully I didn’t scare you away!  This post was written WAY past my bedtime!


  1. These look fabulous!! I would be fighting over that mushroom kebab with you ;)

  2. Ooooh we just got a barbecue grill and I'm definitely going to give this a try. What a delicious blend of flavors. To me it just SCREAMS summer!

  3. These look sooo good! And so colorful! We do veggie kabobs a lot, but it never occurred to me to sauce them up! You've inspired me!

  4. Those look so good, and I LOVE curry too!! In the summer we usually BBQ a lot, but this summer has been different. I was so busy with my class up until now that I didn't have time to plan any spectacular meals. Luckily now I have some time on my hands.

  5. YUM! Grilled Pineapple? That sounds so good!
    I haven't had a kebab is song long...I think it's time i changed that!! :)

  6. heee - I love the separate mushroom kabob! :) these look great - I LOVE tasty food on a stick!

  7. Grilled veggies...I forgot how good they are! Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Kabobs are always a good idea! These look perfect for sumer time eats! I love huge salads this time of year since everything is so fresh!

    Get some least you are tired and in a good mood!

  9. I LOVE this!! Might omit the fish sauce though :) Sometimes I feel left out at a bbq, a girl can only eat so many veggie burgers....also that picture on the beach is amazing!

  10. I love those ideas for marinades- I don't know what I'd try first - so I suppose I'd have to try them both! I'd also scoop up that lonely mushroom kabob first - mushrooms are my favorite!

  11. Thank you for sharing your recipe for Thai kebabs. My husband loved it.


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