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Dairy Free Tips for Weddings

Happy Monday morning!!

Was your weekend fun??  We went to my cousins wedding and it was beautiful!

Unfortunately my iPhone photos weren’t so beautiful so I don’t have many pictures to share (apparently it’s not so good indoors – note to self)

The bride walked down the isle to this song.

Which of course makes everyone in the crowd sniffly!  (truthfully, I’m sniffly just listening to it now!) As always, I didn’t ask if I could share the pictures so I won’t – but here are a few others from that day!


Dave, my mom and dad during the break between the ceremony and reception!  (don’t worry, we all had black jackets etc., but we were colourful and happy underneath!)IMG_0072

The resort



It was a good time!!  We laughed  A L O T – especially when I showed my mom photobooth!


Oh my gosh –we laughed SOOOOOOOOO hard!! (ps. this is an awesome app!)

I turned my phone over to my mom and her and my dad stood outside doing it (SO FUNNY!)




Speaking of weddings – it can be so hard to be dairy free at weddings.  A few tips!

ALWAYS (whether it’s a buffet or sit down) put on your RSVP that you are dairy free.

Arrive at the reception place a few minutes early so you can check with someone what you can eat and identify yourself as the dairy free person!

Pack snacks – there is a chance the only thing you can eat will be a bun and some meat. I usually pack a larabar, some nuts and seeds etc.  (I also try to pack something sweet – because you cannot have cake or dessert)

Be friendly to the wait staff – they were likely not told anyone was dairy free (I’ve had it happen many times that the bride and groom haven’t passed on the info) – they typically will help you out.  At this wedding, after I mentioned it the chef made me a plate of steamed veggies (because I could eat the meat, potatoes and bun).  I thanked him about 100x because I really enjoyed my meal. Being friendly usually pays off! Smile


Most salads that have an oily type dressing are safe. 

Anything that looks creamy – stay clear of – even potatoes salads (which usually have just mayo) end up with other dairy ingredients mixed in

Check out the sauce on the meat – if it looks oil be careful – steaks or prime rib sometimes have butter on them to keep them moist.

Roasted potatoes are usually ok (double check), stay clear of mashed potatoes.

Unless there is fresh fruit – none of the desserts are safe.

Sit Down Dinners

Thankfully the only sit down wedding dinner I’ve been too was my own and let’s be honest – they didn’t get the whole dairy free thing.

Be a “dairy detective” – Even though they promised me my meal was dairy free – I found parmesan sprinkled on the lettuce of my salad.

Ask (before the meal is in front of you) for no sauce on anything – boring yes, but it’s better than feeling sick in 1/2 hour.

If all else fails – eat the bun. Winking smile


I hope this helps. Weddings turn into a challenge when you can’t eat anything or when you are unsure – but make the best of it and pack snacks – yes I broke out my chocolate larabar when everyone was eating dessert! Winking smile 


Do you have any weddings this summer – this was our 1/2!!!

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  1. you are so great at giving these tips. DO i sense a book idea??

  2. Reading this post I wanted to hug you! Few ppl understand the hell that is going to weddings when you're allergic to dairy! I once went to one as a date of a guest and ended up eating only buns.

    Best wedding experience, one of my best friends picked this small resort north of Toronto. They asked all guests when we made our reservation if there were any allergies. As I had said dairy they made everything except the cake dairy free (I'm telling you, mashed potatoes and all). Since I couldn't have cake they provided me with a slice of blueberry pie. Heaven! I couldn't stop thanking them.

    Agreed - kindness goes a long way in these situations :)

  3. This is great! Awesome advice... big functions are the worst, because so much of the food is made in advance.

  4. My sister is playing that song during the signing of the marriage licence. It is so beautiful. She is walking down the aisle to "Forever" by Ben Harper. LOVE it!!!!! Ooooooh, I just love weddings!!!

  5. You are so right - it seems like butter is hidden EVERYWHERE! I actually have a wedding this weekend that I'm kind of nervous about bc I'm MOH, will be running around all day and probably won't be able to eat anything served. I don't know how many snacks my little purse can carry!

  6. Love this....was in a bind a few weeks ago when I went to one. I ate meat and a bun too!

  7. That song is beautiful! Great tips! I always pack things in my purse too just to make sure I have food. I am always shocked that people care enough to make sure I get fed well at weddings. I have never been to one that I can't eat at. I'm glad you had a great time!


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