Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy Burrito/Fajitas!

Are you guys excited about the game today? 
I have NEVER EVER been a hockey fan, or an Olympics fan (*gasp) but I am SO excited about the game!!  
I know Canada will kick butt (sorry to all my US readers!)… 

Ok! Super easy dinner to make – We couldn’t decide between burritos or fajitas – so we decided to mix them together… 
We could call them Farritos? Burjitas?  haha.. never mind….

Cook your ground meat of choice (I choose ground turkey)

Add a package of Fajita mix – this is my new favorite (it’s cheaper than the one filled with crappy chemicals)

Follow the directions on the back – usually add some water into the mix and then add the peppers!
While it’s cooking, take your fav tortillas or make your own with this great recipe!

These are our favorite,  most tortillas have milk products in them, these one’s don’t!! YAY  Plus they are sprouted, so they are that much better for you!

Take out all the tortillas (this recipe makes 8 big burritos) and lay them on the counter.
Then take some re-fried beans (or squish up a can of beans)
Don’t buy this one – it’s full of salt and other stuff… it tasted ok, but I prefer the just beans ones!

Cover a side of the tortillas with beans
Then cover with the turkey/peppers mixture
Dave likes his with salsa on the inside, I like to dip mine!
Roll and bake in a 350 degree oven until tortilla gets crispy!

I like mine with some homemade…
A delicious avocado mashed with green onions, ground coriander, lime juice (and should have been cilantro, but mine was done)!
This meal is fabulous, quick and makes tons of leftovers – 4 meals for me and 2 for Dave!  They freeze fabulously as well!

Lots of great variations too – black beans instead of refried – zucchini + onions in with the mix.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!!
Also on the plate this weekend, I was SUPER inspired by Jesse at Vegan Minded… she was whipping up some grilled banana and peanut butter sandwiches!  YUM!
I mashed 1/2 a banana on bread with chocolate dreams peanut butter!  Spread both sides with Earth Balance and VOLIA… comfort food!

We also cooked up some potatoes, more roasted broccoli and some yummy local lamb! DSC_0800
I love lamb… but lamb does not love me…
We are officially not friends… I had 2 of the above pieces and had a sick stomach for 2 days… no more lamb for this girly!  Or red meat for that matter… I just can’t “stomach” it!!

Also lots and lots of juice!
This one was my zing my face off juice – WAY to much ginger… but I was a trouper and drank it down anyways… Bye bye cold that is trying to kick my butt!
Zing my face off juice – 1/2 grapefruit, WAY to much ginger, 2 large kale leaves, 1 orange, 1 carrot and an apple!

Anywhoo… I am off to go make some juice for the hockey game… and see if I can find Dave’s EH! Lululemon shirt to be a trouper today… hope you don’t mind honey!!

GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!


  1. That juice looks yummy!

    P.S I've worked with the eater for 2 years and my food to him is way to weird, he'll never change, more fool him!

    x x

  2. I need to try that recipe - it looks so good! I need to get into juicing and smoothy making to get my day into a better start! yours looks so healthy!

  3. I love the look of your blog!

    Nice meal..yummy and filling or should I say comforting...he he!


  4. Holy cow - this post is full of great eats!!! I love guacamole - especially homemade stuff!! That grilled sandwich looks really good too!! You are eating well girl :-)

  5. Hi, Jessica,

    I found your blog when you made a comment on my travel blog about the Riu Emerald Bay and I am so interested, I just subscribed in a reader. I'm not dairy-free but I have started a healthy, whole food diet, along with Weight Watchers and Yoga classes. It's changing my whole life!! I'll be interested to see your recipes, etc. Thanks!

  6. Wow those fajitas/burritos look delicious. I have recently got into fajitas so I might have to try this recipe.

  7. I just found your blog today and I have been reading through all of your posts. I am breasfeeding my son and we think he has a milk intolerance so I am going dairy-free for him.

    I had to say that a fried peanut-butter banana sandwich sounds so good that I am going to send my husband to the store as we are out of bananas and I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow!!!!!!


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