Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon!

So I am LOVING all the “ask me anything” blog posts out there so I decided to open it up to all of my Dairy Free Betty readers!

You can ask an anonymous questions!! 

Please be nice though, I have heard some terrible questions! 

Click here to submit a question!

Hey how do you like my new header??? 

I wanted something that was kind of me!!! 

Anywhoo.. do you want wedding or food stuff first? 

I guess it should be food, since it is a food blog!

Yesterday I was talking about my yummy new salad dressing well this is the salad that goes along with that dressing, I have been obsessed with this salad lately!


Carrots, apple, cucumber, celery, steamed cauliflower, pecans, crasins and goddess dressing!  I ate it with some rice crackers!


It is amazingly delicious………  who said salads need lettuce!? I was thinking it would be good with tuna too!

I have also been eating lots of this fruit salad too


Nectarines, banana, apple, orange, strawberries, crasins, pecans and the dressing which was agave, lime juice and ginger!

I am loving salads right now!!

This is a great accompaniment to them too!

I won a contest a few weeks ago and this was one of the things I received.


I have been putting it in my smoothies, and on toast, instead of butter!  Yummy coconuty goodness!


Don’t judge my napkin… all the plates were in the dishwasher!
Ok… on to wedding stuff!! :)
Just for the record, if all goes as planned we will be getting married THIS DAY next year! YAY!!
Yesterday I went and tested out making some invitations.
Here is what we came up with…
#1 – my favourite – I ripped off the little thing that was at the top on the left, so don’t mind it.   Dave doesn’t love the saying, so we will probably look for something else for there!

#2 – Don’t love it… it’s my least fav, but it’s kinda cute.


#3 – 2nd favourite, but I don’t LOVE this one!


What are your thoughts???

I really want to make the invitations, as we are on a pretty tight budget! And invitations are SO EXPENSIVE… I’d much rather spend $$ on fun stuff AT the wedding!!

She estimated that they will be about $30 for about 30 of them! Plus time and love of course!

I am making sweet and sour chicken AND fried (well not really) rice.  Anyone have any good recipes for either for me!??!

xo Jess


  1. I actually like all 3 invites - I love the beachy theme! ;)
    And I love the new header!!!
    Don't worry about the check - whenever you can is fine! =)

  2. I don't have any s&s recipes so please share yours when you make it =)

    My fave invite is the last one =)

  3. LIke I said, great header! Invitations are easy to make. See if you can do that and use the ideas you have on hand.

  4. Love love the new header, it's very serene! Out of the invites, I love the first one for its raw-looking edges but I don't love the beach drawings? I don't know, pictures of flip flops rub me the wrong way for some reason lol! That's just my opinion though - out of them all, the first is definitely my favorite.

    Ughhhh I love wedding stuff! I read wedding mags like it's my job (well...I work at a tuxedo shop, it kind of is my job but not really). I would looove to be a wedding planner one day.

  5. The wedding seems to be coming along nicely! How exciting.

    I like the 1st option for the card the best.

  6. i like the first one too.

    i want to make my invitations too but I dont have all that scrapbooking stuff to make it all pretty. we only need about 30 invites too and hoping to get everything for under $100.

  7. I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!!! How do you get a picture and words like that up at the top?? :)

  8. oh nice header! I'm totally with you on the Tuna in the salad. I've done that before with apples, carrots,olives, balalmic vinegar, yellow raisins, etc. HEAVENLY!

  9. I really like the new header! It goes well with your site.

    As for the invitations, I think the first one looks the best too. Somehow it seems to be the most put together and the others just seem to be lacking something.

  10. Love the new header! Beautiful picture!
    I really like the first one for a beachy wedding. Honestly, the second one reminds me a bit of a baby shower... (maybe it's the light pink bow?). 3rd one isn't bad but I still like the first one best :)

  11. I really like all 3, and I love that you are making them yourself!

    The header is great, and I like the background too! The colours are great!

    Okay, I am going to have to do this "ask me anything" thing too! Now I am the only one not doing it. LOL! It is fun though - I am going to ask you something now!! Something nice!

  12. Those salads are gorgeous! And I totally agree about greens being optional in a salad.
    My favorite invitation is #3! Just enough details to stand out, but still simple.

  13. Love the new header! Adorable! I also love the 1st invite the best. Very cute.

  14. 1 yr from today...awesome!

    love the new layout and header/colors!

    invites all look gorgeous!!!

  15. oh that fruit salad looks delicious! I LOVE the new layout of your blog!

  16. Hello
    I like the first invitation with the 3rd's flip flops on the side
    Have a great day!!!
    Love Mom

  17. Great questions and answers so far! Loving the new blog header by the way. :)

  18. I think Dave is the sea, by the sea....I don't like that either. Isn't it an ocean? Like the invite though!


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