Monday, February 1, 2010

My Cowtown Adventure!

Hello!!!!!!!!!   I misssssssssssed you guys!! :)  I hope you are still out there… hello?   hello?

This last week has been CRAZY busy – but so much fun!

After getting engaged last Friday, I spent the next few days planning and scheming like a crazy women, plus I had to study for an exam (which I’m pretty sure I sucked A$$ at) and then we jetted off to Calgary!

Back track a bit.  One of my best friends bought a house a few months ago, and I joked around with him about maybe flying out to visit him for his housewarming – fast forward to Christmas – Dave and Layne schemed together and 2 plane tickets were bought and I was surprised at Christmas with a trip to visit!  (Have I told you lately I’m marrying an AMAZING man)

So we flew out on Thursday night!

It was soooo good to see him, he has been one of my best friend for about 10 years!


PS ladies – He’s single and an AWESOME catch – email me for more details – haha… 


PS. Side note – look at my SUPER cute new lulu sweater!!

It was also GREAT to have him and Dave meet, they are very similar and I knew they’d get along great!  He is officially standing up for us at the wedding too! YAY!

The first night we were there we went out for Moroccan food!

If you have never done this, you should go for it, it was my second time and just as amazing as the first!

I didn’t take photos as it was a large group that went out and I didn’t want them to think I was crazy!!

But check here for the amazing menu (ps… the entire menu is  dairy free, well except the ice cream of course)

We enjoyed the full Sultan’s Feast!!

You eat with your hands, and they come by and wash your hands before and after the meal with warm orange blossom water.  Your napkin is a large white towel! haha!

Such a fun experience!

Fast forward to the house warming party! Crazy people, tons of booze and a really fantastic time!


Big enough bottle of crown royal hey?


The only picture of food I took all weekend!

Then I met Jack Black!!!!


Ok, maybe not but seriously, this guy could be his twin.  I had to get my picture with him!!


The whole weekend was SOOOOOOO much fun! I can’t wait to do it again very soon!  (Which is the plan)


Plus the food shopping is awesome!

(only my bloggies will understand this )

I had a quickie with Planet Organic! haha

AMAZING – I would fly back to Calgary just to buy these again!



So fun!!  I love food shopping – I’m pretty sure I could have spent a lot more $$ at that store, and I’m sure I will next time I visit!

Rewind a bit too!!

In the week of chaos I received some bloggy friend gifts!

From Tasha at the Clean Eating Mama sent me this lovely package!


The “love” package! :)  So far I have tried the Mango Kind Bar and it was AMAZING!  Thank you Tasha, I can’t wait to meet you sooooooooooon! :) xo


The the long awaited package from Elizabeth from On Tap Today… who by the way, is officially a kindred spirit! :) Our packages were so similar – it was laughable!


Unfortunetly those lovely customs people decided they wanted a snack and tore up the package – only one thing got really ruined, the rest was all just fabulous!

Everything with cute little homemade notes!



Not sure if you read it but I GOT BARNEY BUTTER!!!
I’m pretty sure I opened it the second I laid my eyes on it!

Have to be honest, it’s good, but I’m not totally in love!!

(which is good because it would be $$ to order!!)

Elizabeth thank you soooooooo much, SUCH an awesome package!   That Alba lip gloss is my new favourite product!!


Well folks, this is long enough for today – I have lots more foodie pictures for you in upcoming posts!

Oh ps.  There was also some more “ring on finger” pictures I thought you might enjoy! I had to laugh when everyone mentioned they want all the wedding details… maybe this will turn into a food/wedding blog! ;) haha



Did anything exciting happen to you this week that I missed?? Details ladies, details!!

xo Jess


  1. Fun weekend and gorgeous ring! Wow!! Very happy for you.

  2. YAY your back! Looks like you had a great week! PS - how was studying?
    Your ring is beautiful - I am so happy for you!

  3. Welcome back, girl! I am so glad you liked your package. You were quite fun to shop for. :)

    The ring, by the way, is perfect. Perfect!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your engagement ring and I'm super jealous you got Barney Butter!!

    Sounds like a GREAT trip :)

  5. Welcome back! Seems like you had yourself a fantastic time!

    Nothing better then good food, good friends and good trips!

  6. Looked like a great time!! And what wonderful goodies you received ; )

    Well we finally launched a mini version of our online store on our blog, but right now we are only shipping in US ; ( We are working international shipping!!!

    Again congrats!!xoxoxo

  7. missed you jess! i'm glad your trip was awesome, and congrats again! you must be marrying an amazing guy :)

    ♥ lindsey

  8. You were in the 'hood & I didn't know?! How did that happen?!

    Next time!

    H =)

  9. Your friend is hot hot hot :)

    And congrats!

  10. Welcome back girl!!! That is a sweet package - I love the little notes on everything :-)

    I had no idea you could buy that peanut butter in Calgary ... I am totally stocking up when I am there in June. Long wait, but it will be worth it!

  11. So many good things in this post!!

    First, how awesome you got to fly out to see your friend!? Awesome!

    Second, I LOVE your lulu jacket :)

    Third, you are just adorable!

  12. Good Post today really enjoyed your travels to Calgary waiting for part II...hehehe
    Really enjoyed the negitive blog!!!

  13. congrats again on the engagement!!!
    jack black, pretty cool!
    the gifts from bloggers, lovely!
    barney butter, i agree.
    the Pb & co's, never tried them.


  14. So glad you are back, and sooo glad you have that ring on your finger girlfriend. And loving the finds you found!

    Hey we should sooo do a swap too! I am up for it. Will email you details later :)

  15. wow that guy really does look like jack black!! i just watched shallow hal this weekend so pretty ironic :D

    also its been awhile since ive been reading bogs so i just caught up on urs! I love the proposal story! so happy for u and im pretty sure ive told u this and im sure uve heard it a lot but i feel a need to say it again THAT RING IS GORGEOUSS :D hehehe

  16. YAY! Looks like you've been having such a fun and exciting past few days! Congrats on all the great news!!!

  17. I love Elizabeth's notes. Those were totally my fave part of my package. She's toooo cute!

    And so are you!

    So fun that you got to make the trip to see your best friend's place. What a future hubby you have there!!!

  18. Wow, it looks like you had a great week! I can't believe I missed that you got engaged! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you! As for the shopping...I go grocery shopping ever time I go anywhere. I am a grocery whore. I can't help it. It's an illness, but I love it! Can't wait to hear about the wedding plans!


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