Friday, February 5, 2010

I have seen the light!

The fresh juicer juice delicious light!
Dave took me out for lunch at one of my favorite restaraunts yesterday and I ordered a fresh juice – it came looking something like this.   I didn’t take this picture, I just borrowed it from here!

And I officially became a beet vampire!!
I have no idea what was in it (besides beets) because I told the waitress to surprise me…  let me tell you ladies and gentleman

I have been craving this ever since the last savoured sip! 
I officially know what you all mean when you say
“When I drink this juice, I feel the energy pulsing through my blood” YES! Amazing! 
But for $4.50 for a drink, I felt like I was being robbed as well! haha

I also made some DELISH super easy veggie soup, and it was awesome because I used up all our left over veggies!
I boiled up carrots, cauliflower, onions, garlic, potatoe, parsnip, kale, green pepper.  Added some chicken bullion, miso, pepper and hot sauce.  
Then whizzed it up in the food processor until smooth.
It got an A+ all around!! :)   And soo easy!  I served it with 3 Korn Bread – which is also fantastic!

Another amazing thing that I learned this week…
If you mix these two things together – you get a VERY tasty result! DSC_0819
I put these together and served over one of the previously created OHSHEGLOWS veggie burgers, tossed on loads of spinach wrapped it all up and tossed it into my sandwich press! WOOT!
Amazingness was born!

So amazing in fact that no photos were snapped!


I was also pretty excited… the day I got engaged I also won this amazing package at FOOD BLOGS.
Sorry for the dark pic – Gold Label coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut peanut butter and coconut flour!
Thank you Tropical Traditions!  DSC_0825

I can’t wait to dive in, all this stuff will prep my body for all the coconut drinks in MEXICO…

Speaking of MEXICO haha

We have found two different locations for our wedding (finally)
RIU Sante Fe or RIU Emerald Bay

Anyone been to either?  I will have the quotes by Monday and will hopefully make our decision soon after.
They offer a pretty amazing wedding package that includes just the right amount of guests!  

We are hoping to do it Dec 26-Jan2nd ish time….  which won’t be convenient for many people, but we understand that, it was either that or no wedding for 2 years!!

Also if you follow me on TWITTER you will know that I had my interview to get into school yesterday! 

It went really well and I should know by next week if I get in or not!  They said I was a reflective leader, I have NO idea what that means, but I took it as a compliment! haha

Anywhoo watch tomorrow for some product reviews – all fantastic yummy stuff!! :)  - Soy Ice Cream = YUM!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!!
xo Jess

ps.  Anything exciting going on for you today?!!?


  1. Good luck on getting into school!
    Your soup creation looks amazing! I love root vegetables =)

  2. It's great to see you back posting again - oh how I missed you and your foodie inspiration. :)

    Soup looks fantastic. I'm a big fan of beets as well - and the greens too! So yummy.

  3. Hi :) I'm a new reader, and haven't commented before, but when I saw you were looking at the RIU for your wedding I knew I had to!

    I had the luxury of staying in the RIU in Cancun last March for my 31st birthday. It was the best vacation ever! The RIU has different levels of hotels, and the "Palace" is the best. That's the one we stayed in Cancun (Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas). I would say that if you can at all aford it, go for the Palace. You can enjoy all the privileges at any other of the RIU properties in the city you are in, and you get the best of the best in the Palace!

    I am very frugal, and we travel often, but this is one upgrade that will make it worth it for you. Hope I was some help, the RIU properties are amazing, good choice! Congratulations!

  4. I'm a new reader, and haven't commented before, but I knew I had to today when you posted you were possibly going to stay in a RIU for your wedding!

    I had the priviledge of staying @ a RIU last March for my 31st birthday. Best Vacation Ever. We travel a lot, and are very frugal people, and absolutely loved EVERYTHING about the RIU.

    One thing to keep in mind. The RIU has different levels of hotels. We stayed in the Palace (their best I think). If I had to give you one piece of advice, it would be to spring for the Palace if at all possible. You can enjoy any of the other RIU properties on your visit, and you get the best of the best at the Palace. Everything is top notch. They even prepared a special birthday dinner for me at my DBF's request, and of course no additional charge. It was simply amazing.

    Hope this helps, lemme know if you have any questions.

    Congratulations! Lacey

  5. Congratulations on the wedding details!

    Better 4.50 for an awesome juice than a sugary latte or something :)

  6. Good luck on all of your school stuff! How exciting!

  7. We got married at the Bahia Principe resort in Mexico a year ago last November. It was awesome and a great family-friendly resort for our guests with children!
    I heard rumours they were splitting the resort into three different ones (it was pretty big), so I'm not sure how it would be now.

    Getting married in Mexico was awesome :)

    Just FYI and I'm sure after doing the research you know this, but a legal marriage in Mexico requires you to be in the country for a certain number of business days in advance AND to have a blood test (!) and sometimes a chest xray (depending which area you get married in).

    What we did was a civil ceremony (just us and witnesses at the town hall) in advance and then a 'renewal of vows' that acted as our marriage for the extended family.

  8. Mexico wedding! How fun! Good luck with all your school activities!

  9. Mexico wedding! How fun! Good luck with all your school activities!

  10. That juice looks so good! I have yet to juice beets, but I love them, so I have to soon! Our juicer is a "Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Pro" from Costco. It was about $120.

  11. JEss soooo cool that you have your venues narrowed down; that's awesome! I have been to the Riu in Aruba, not to stay but to walk around. A friend of mine has also stayed at one of the riu's in mexico, not sure which city though. She enjoyed it!

    mango chuntney. nice.

    that Trop Trad's loot!!!!! Holy crap that's like a hundred bucks worth of goodness. SCORE for you!!!!!!

  12. That juice looks AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE juices, but never tried one with beets. Hmmm...

    Congrats on finding a couple of possible wedding places, that's so exciting!!

    Enjoy the weekend!


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