Monday, February 8, 2010

It’s a kale kinda day!

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I love that you guys love this idea!! Keep the kindness going!

So I’ve been attempting to eat more raw foods lately! I am going to post a challenge when the weather gets warmer for a 2 week 80% raw food challenge!  Are you interested?  I haven’t figured out all the details, but I have some pretty amazing raw foodies lined up to do guest posts!! :)

This is what I had for breaky today! 

I got the idea from someone’s? blog, and it was so good!

Avocado with agave, salt and pepper

OMG – so amazing I HIGHLY recommend this!


I also had a green monster!


Loads of spinach, water, strawberry, banana, barney butter and coconut butter (which ended up being little tiny YUMMY coconut chips in the smoothie) 

I felt lost after realizing that Amazing Grass and my stomach aren’t friends (pouts) and stopped drinking green monsters… so I am trying to get back in the habit!!

I’m also starting to make Dave some protein shakes

(minus the green)


I also made myself some more KALE CHIPS today! (which I’m snacking on right now!)

Preheat oven to 350.  Wash up kale and put on a baking sheet


Then massage in about 2 tsp oil, some salt and whatever spice you like!


Pop the kale into the oven for about 10 mins, then turn the oven off and leave them there until they are crispy!

Ketchup chips have been getting the best of me lately, I need another crunchy, salty snack and this is perfect!

Best part – it’s about 2x servings of DARK LEAFY GREENS!


Last but not least!   I am going to share with you a TOP SECRET salmon recipe that rocks!

Marinate your salmon with olive oil, soya sauce and WAY TO MUCH PEPPER (trust me on this) – Marinate if for a min of 1/2 hour.   Cook and enjoy – best salmon you’ll ever eat!


I served it with some of the risotto that Elizabeth send it her package! (with cute notes of course)


and kale… it was a fantastic dinner!


Ok guys, I must get to my to do list now!! 

Enough procrastination for this chick!

Don’t forget about my giveaway!  There are not very many entries so at this moment in time, your chances of winning are pretty fantastic! haha

Happy Monday

xo Jessica


  1. I heart Green Monsters! I always feel so great after I have one =)

  2. nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

  3. Mm, kale chips! I'll have to try that.

  4. I think I may be one of the very few who have yet to make kale chips. I wish I had some kale right now and I'd make them. My husband was even asking about them just yesterday.

  5. where do you get coconut butter?? Never heard of it. I make a very similar shake and just had it, as a matter of fact.

    I am currently trying to eat 80% natural. It's not technically raw, but just whole foods... nothing added. Hopefully it will help me.

    Love your blog, glad I found it!

  6. Mmm that salmon sounds great! I make one that is pepper crusted - so I definitely love the idea of lots of pepper!

  7. That is so great that your are trying to get back into green smoothies :) Love the kale chips, makes me crave them right now ;)

  8. I love kale and salmon! I would love to do a raw challenge but agree warmer weather would be more successful!

  9. I love your idea for contest entries! My
    mom is always telling
    me I should make people do more than comment. I have to
    get going on my random act of kindness!

  10. Some times with the green smoothies it is all about finding the right balance! It took a little bit of experimenting to find the right mix, but boy oh boy do I love them now!

  11. i know, it's sad but I have yet to cook with kale -thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Love risotto-so good!! And salmon - yummy!

  13. I love salmon so much! I think I'm going to try that recipe for dinner tonight!

  14. Good for you for getting back into green monsters. I love them... but haven't made them recently because my blender broke. I NEED to get a new one because I miss the green in my life! LOL!

  15. I have yet to make kale chips, and they look soooo good!

  16. Kale chips are the best! Mmmm! What a great day for them, nice and snowy, they remind me of popcorn!


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