Friday, February 26, 2010

Things this Dairy Free girl can’t live without!

I hope you all had fun with the 6 lies and a truth – your answers cracked me up!! 
#1 was the truth – I was born with RED hair!! Which quickly turned into my white blonde hair!!! :
Some of you were close though, I wore BRIGHT YELLOW uniforms at my Christian school!!  Grey and banana yellow! BELCH!  I’ll see if I can find some pictures for you guys!

I thought I would do a quick post on "Things I Can’t live Without”

#1 – Earth Balance Butter – this stuff tastes just like butter, I use it in everything anyone would normally use “butter” for – even baking and popcorn!   It’s 100% Vegan too… DSC_0805

#2  - Go Good Ice Cream – SO YUMMY!  As I said before this stuff is heaven sent (and only Canadian from what I hear!)  It is an amazing ice cream substitute – I would probably still eat it even if I magically could eat dairy again – because it’s so tasty!  DSC_0807

#3 – Coconut milk – not this one specifically, but when I’m in the mood for something creamy this does the trick!  I love my rice cooked in coconut milk with a wee bit of sugar!!

#4 – Nut butters!   I know they aren’t a dairy substitute, but whenever I miss thick creamy things, peanut/almond butter come in handy!

#5 – The Decadent “dairy free” Chocolate chips!  These are amazingly rich and delicious! I get them at Superstore/Loblaws and they are $5 for this huge bag!!  Life saver!!!

#6-Unsweetened Almond Breeze Vanilla – I know the bloggy world has already found this gem!  I prefer it over soy milk.  It is a fantastic milk substitute, think and creamy!!! 

#7 and  #8  Mayonnaise (not this one specifically) and Avocado! Again creamy substitutes!!  Add 1/3 avocado to a smoothie and you have a rich creamy “milk shake”.  Mayonnaise of course is great for making homemade salad dressings!!
Well there you have it!  My “must have’s for living a dairy free lifestyle!!

BEFORE I FORGET the lovely people from PEELED Snacks emailed me and wanted to let you know that they are giving away free samples of their products at Starbucks!!! 
I know I still haven’t done my review yet (oops) but these are soft, sweet and amazing! 

Apricot was my favourite, so give it a try today!!

PS.  YAY it’s Friday – you deserve a coffee and some  yummy dried fruit!  That being said, what is your typical Starbucks order??

Mine – decaf, soy, 1/2 sweet peppermint latte – yes I am a high maintenance orderer!  
I would love to find a new drink though, this is getting BORING!! 

xo Jess


  1. YAY!! I was right!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!
    I LOVE Earth Balance, too - the best!

  2. MY drink order is very boring. A triple venti skinny vanilla latte. I really don't venture far away from that but if I do it's for the holiday themed beverages:)

  3. Aw, I wish I could try that Dairy Free ice cream. I have tried a bunch of them and usually I am not happy with the result haha

  4. I always get a grande soy latte with an extra shot!

  5. Lol! That's so cool that you were born with red hair. Have you ever tried dying it red again to see what you would've looked like if it never went blond?

    And hey, we have the same PB. Costco? ;)

  6. yum! all those products look so good!

  7. I knew your hair would be red when you were born ... you are a fiery one :-) In a good way!

    I also thought a couple of the others sounded true!! It was SO hard!

  8. Whoaaa, imagine eating oats in a jar in that huge thing! Haha!

  9. bwaahaha...that is NOT a high maintenance order. You should see what my BFF's insane.

    My standard order is a double tall non-fat half-sweet vanilla latte (or triple grande if I'm pulling out the big guns).

    For decaf I've recently really been enjoying their vanilla rooibos tea lattes...which I discovered they sweeten, so of course I am ordering those non-fat and half-sweet as well.

  10. I always go for a tall skinny vanilla latte. I have only been drinking 'coffee' for about a year so I am a bit of a novice really :o)

  11. Hey there, I'm fairly new to your blog. Been following you on Twitter and just wanted to say hi. :)

    Great post, I love seeing what everyone's fav go to products are! I'm with ya on the Almond Breeze, I use it in everything from oats, cereal to baking. It's a wonderful milk replacement.

  12. Those are some great things to have :) We love coconut milk!
    Pure2Raw Twins

  13. I loved reading about things you love. I love nut butters also...yum!

  14. I'm sad to say that I don't really like Starbucks drinks. Love the environment and don't get me started on the pastries... but the drinks are just okay.

    You better believe that free snacks will get me there though.

  15. veganaise/vegan mayo, avo's, vegan choco chips...i think you raided my kitchen :) Im the same, need them!

  16. was just gonna say i saw your comment on kris' site re vegan turtles, I made some here
    and tomorrow i am posting a recipe for vegan carmael's divine :)

  17. Hey girl! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Do you like Earth Balance more than Smart Balance? I've never stopped to compare the 2 but I should! Just curious :)


  18. Hey! I've just found your blog and it's already bookmarked. I only recently found out I was allergic to dairy. (Odd, since usually allergies get better rather than worse!)

    I could not live without So Good either. We have it here in Australia :) I'm in love with the Chai flavor.

    I definitely look forward to reading your blog!


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