Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Night!

As I was saying yesterday, it was a BEAUTIFUL day here. 

I was busy getting ready for the part until out of the corner of my I noticed Lance outside loving the sunshine!


I played puppy paparazzi and took snook some shots of him, loving life!



He was so happy outside, soaking up the sunshine, I knew it was my turn, so I strapped on the running shoes went for a good run and then played with Lance out in the sunshine!

Dave came home early with a delicious surprise for me!

JUICE!!  It was soo amazingly good – apple, orange, beet, carrot and ginger!


and more treats – a stuffed avocado over sprouts!

I want this recipe.  I actually pouted when it was gone!  

He also brought me some kelp noodles with pesto!



I can’t say I was a huge fan of this salad, but I was so happy with my yummy lunch it didn’t even matter!!   This place will be my haven once I go to school (it’s in a different town)!!

Then we started prepping for our Japanese Potluck we were hosting!  So many good eats!

First  off I (almost) followed this recipe – it got rave reviews.

Edamame Hummus




I served it with mary’s gone crackers and rice crackers!

Then the other yummy food started showing up!

Daikon radish salad – soooo yummy!


Sunomono Salad – this is one thing I have attempted many times, and can never get it right…  This stuff was amazing!


Then there was this… oh my…  not going to lie, this was one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten!  May not be pretty but WOW!


It’s basically pancake with shrimp, cabbage and onions – covered in an HP type sauce, mayonnaise, nori crumbles and fish flakes!  - Real healthy huh?


Edamame made an appearance too!



Sake of course!  Ick- can’t say I am a fan!! 

But the bottle is pretty!


Then the sushi making began!


John wanted to let us know we were doing a good job!


I had to snap a picture of my super cute hubby to be… and his cheesy picture smile!


And the rest of our guests!

(notice the sox monkey swinging on the light!!)


or the back of their heads!


It was a pretty fantastic evening.  Hosting theme dinner potlucks are so much fun!! Especially when your group of friends are good cooks!!

Well this post is getting pretty long, so I guess I’ll finish off here!  I hope you guys are drooling!!!

xoxoxoxo Have an awesome Saturday!



  1. what a fabulous Japanese potluck! i was drooling the whole post (sorry if that's TMI :)

  2. Love your nails!!! Lance looks like he is enjoying being outside! Yummy dinner!

  3. Hahaha Lance looked like he was in heaven. Your potluck looked like a lot of FUN!!! And I too love your nails. Super cute! Have a great weekend.

  4. YUM! Yep, you made me drool! The okonomiyaki looks awesome.

    Darn! I got excited for a minute there, thinking you got your lovely lunch from a new local place. :P No such luck.

    Oh and I know how Lance feels! Would you smack me though if I said I'm starting to miss the rain? It's just that it's so cold when it's clear like this! All those little buds that were starting to peek out are getting frozen now. : ( Ah well, at least it's sunny!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. YOure a genius! Gotta try that edamame hummus. SO cool! looks like a blast.

  6. yummy dinner!! I've been craving sushi ever since you mentioned on Twitter you were having Japanese for dinner... So today at the mall I could no longer resist and picked up some Mac Sushi, which isn't my first choice BUT it hit the spot.

  7. Myr and I had a great time. Thanks so much for inviting us. You two have some great friends and they are good cooks too! Cheers.

  8. I love your nails!! Oo hummus- what a creative way to use edamame!

  9. Okay next you have a potluck we are coming. Everything looks amazing...the stuff avocados...the kelp noodles...sushi!! YUM! SO much fun!

  10. Wow, your Japanese night rivals any restaurant I have ever been to!

  11. Lance is such a gorgeous dog! He looks very healthy and happy. :)

    Where is that Zen Zero restaurant located? The stuff from there looks awesome!

    All your food looks like it was absolutely delicious.. I'm drooling. ;)

  12. I don't like sake either ... it is AWFUL!! Everything else looks really good! I love Japanese food.

  13. glad you've been reading my bloggie in stealth and thanks for your comment today babe :)

    ok sushi making party sounds awesome!! the parties i go to either involve 2 yr old bdays OR lame bbq's where there's a slab of ribs roasting or something crazy. I want to come to your next par-tayyyyy!

  14. I'm glad you liked the dip! Okonomiyaki is one of my all-time favorite foods. YUM.


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