Sunday, February 21, 2010

I scream, you scream we all scream for…


I have a new edition to the family!


I was trying to reason with myself that I can’t afford both a Vitamix AND a juicer – so I saved the $400 and got this Power Juicer on sale at Canadian Tire (Thanks Ali!)

And then it began!






Had to recycle my Starbucks cup!!  I didn’t realize how little juice that much fruit/veggies made, so I only got a bit of juice for my first one…

It was so tasty!!!  And it just gives you such a boost of energy.  I made this about 6 seconds after I got home!!

This morning I decided to make some more!!!


Same recipe except I added some celery this am


it made some very pretty sushi


I’ve been eating left over sushi for every meal! haha I also forgot to show you this from our sushi party!  I’ve been snacking on the left overs the last two days too!


Sprouts with medium tofu, toasted sesame seeds, onions, sesame oil and soya sauce!

Very tasty!

So far my Sunday has been awesome. I got up and had the above juice – and then Dave and I ventured off on a run/walk.  I felt pretty good today, my running is coming back very slowly!

Then I went over to my mom and dad’s – Dad took Lance for a walk and Mom and I went to the market (for juicing deals of course)  I got a HUGE bag (20+) apples for $3.99! SCORE

I came home and made my 2nd juice of the day (that’s it for today I promise)


Two small apples, spinach, 2 strawberries!! Along with one of my mom’s delicious muffins


PS. thank you for all the compliments on my nails!!  They are super easy to do!! (Maybe I’ll show you how!)

I might go try the P90x videos – I’m pretty sure they are going to kill me, but I need some torture right now!

Any good juice recipes for me?!!?

Ciao for now,



  1. YAY! Isn't it fun!?! Your nails are cute! I do that to my toenails in the summer. I used to use a stick thingy to make the dots, but since I found paint pens - so exciting! I have a recipe to make that pulp into cracker-type things in the dehydrator (probably works in the oven, too). Yum!

  2. I use these in my vitamix, but you could make Juice easily... 1 cup cantalope, 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 celery, 1/2 grapefruit, big handful of tasty.

  3. You won't lose my blog now that you follow me on twitter :)

    I've actually been following you still but I haven't been as good about commenting because I was away and looking at blogs on my phone a lot. I'm back on a normal blog reading schedule now!

  4. Haha the first time I made juice I only got like half a cup and I couldn't believe that a whole cucumber, a whole orange, and a beet only gave me that little bit of juice! I'm a big fan of apple+greens (cucumber, romaine, dark leafies)+lemon+ginger combo. I love the colors that come out! Sometimes I play games to see the colors I can make. Beet makes the prettiest pink. Yeah, I'm a dork.

    Never thought about using the pulp for SUSHI. Sounds like an awesome idea!

  5. My juicer is also a Jack L. juicer! I love it!!

    My favourite thing to juice is ruby red grapefruits. You get the most bang for your buck with them too.

  6. Looks like you are having a good time with the juicer. I would like to have one but I just don't have the funds or the room for a big juicer.

    I guess it will have to wait.

  7. Love the juices, so pretty :) And love the idea of leftover pulp with the sushi :)

  8. You total got me craving sushi the other day so we made it last night. Check out our blog. Stick craving more after reading this. hehe!

  9. You got a juicer!! I keep seeing juices popping up all over the blog world and now I'm really wanting to get my own. Except I think I'm more of a smoothie person.. and like you, I want a Vita-mix. :D

    Your sushi looks so professional.. how much practice did it take to get it looking like that? Please don't tell me you're just naturally good.. haha. I've tried to make sushi twice and my rolls looked horrible.

  10. I have a confession *blush* my Jack Lalanne juicer has been in the store room for years :P But, I think I'll take it out today, yes today! You make it look like so much fun! And I remember how good I used to feel (and look) when I drank fresh vegetable juice every day. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. Juicer time!! I need to get one!! It would be good to have a delicious juice in the morning. :) The sushi looks incredible. I'm a big sushi lover. IT's so good!

    Jen :)

  12. Love the idea of using pulp for sushi!

  13. Wow... the juicer must be great! I'm sure it would be a GREAT energy boost! And I love that you added the pulp to the sushi. Such a good idea and it makes the pics look so pretty! :)

  14. i want a juicer!!! so jealousss!! i want to be able to make pulp sushi! hehehe those pics are so gorgeous...i wish mine came out like that...i need to suck it up and buy a juicer so i can create ur concoctions!


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