Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Hugs!


The sun is shining again today!! YAY!!  This makes me so happy, my tulips are poking out and it’s feeling like spring!!  We have such a beautiful garden, so I can’t wait to see all the pretty flowers popping up everywhere!

I thought this video might make you smile today.  Make sure to watch if you need a little pick-me-up!


I wish I had some exciting recipes to share with you today, but I have been super busy, so I just tossed a bunch of food together!  BUT  I did finally try this salad dressing


At first.. I wasn’t a fan – but then I made up a salad with lettuce, cucumbers, steamed cauliflower, apple and a bunch of other stuff and it was AMAZING!! 

It was a little expensive and the bottle is small so I’m scared I’m going to use it up too fast!! (another salad will happen today guaranteed!!)  and I will take pictures!

I had a great quick dinner the other night too!


Chicken rolled in panko and spices, spinach and roasted potatoes from my breakfast the other morning!

Panko – which is a Japanese bread crumb is AWESOME… it stays really crunchy, and you can mix any spices you like and make it any flavour you want, so it’s fantastic…

Anywhoo…  wedding stuff… we have officially picked out the bridesmaids dresses.  I was originally going to go with black – but I really like the “chocolate” color!!  So imagine this in chocolate


I am patiently waiting for the travel agent to get back to me again regarding prices!  So we can go ahead and book the wedding!!  That will be a lot of pressure off my shoulders!

Anywhoo.. time for my EA Sports Active – I’ve gotten a little addicted to this lately.  There are some really fun things on there!!  Here is my blog review of this fun Wii program!

Have an awesome day!!

Question of the day?  What is your favourite song right now!?!?


  1. LOVE the bridesmaid dresses you chose! They will be so pretty. And despite the cliche it really IS a dress they could wear again!

  2. I mix 1 TBSP of Annie's Goddess with 1-2 TBSPs of balsamic-YOM.

  3. Cute dresses! I love the short style. I was in a wedding this spring and had to wear floor length. I think the only one in floor length should be the bride! Your wedding is going to be so fantastic!

  4. Such a cute dress! Great pick!

  5. Great choice on the dress and the chocolate colour - very classy!!

    I am loving "Oh Yeah" by Jaiko. Hehe. I also love "Down" by Jay Sean.

  6. I am so jealous of your weather! We still have 3 feet of snow out there and no where NEAR tulip season. Oh how I long for spring!! My kids are having a blast though with the snow.

    The dresses are cute, I'm a big chocolate brown fan too.

    Panko rocks!

  7. fave song = anything other than the abc's

    and choco dresses = totally classy, love it!

  8. I've seen that video before...pretty cool!....thanks for putting it out there again!


  9. I love sun too! very cute dresses, it's all coming together, yay!


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