Monday, August 23, 2010

A Wedding day!!

This post is dedicated to my beautiful friend Jess!!   DSC_0124 It’s her wedding day today!!  She’s having a family wedding ceremony at a beautiful ocean front resort.  They will be tying the knot at 4pm today – so send her well wishes!! 

I cannot wait until Saturday, there is a huge party going on to celebrate!!    So fun!!

Love you Jess and I am SO happy for you!! 


Ok, enough smush fest!!

Onto yummy eats!!   DSC_0199

This salad was SO GOOD!!  Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, purple cabbage, sunflower seeds and TONS of parsley.

Dressing – Apple Cider Vinegar, agave, salt and pepper!!

MMMMmmm  so good!!


There was also some fajitas made!!


Onions, peppers, zucchini.



All cooked up with some spices, tossed into wraps!!!   So good and colorful!!!

Do you ever make fajitas??  It’s one of our favourites and on top of it, we have a great pepper farm nice and close, so most of the peppers we buy are local!!




I haven’t updated you guys on wedding stuff forever!

So far we have about 29 guest coming, and our RSVP date is coming up quickly!!   I think that’s a perfect number!! 

I keep getting really excited about spending a whole week in Mexico with a bunch of my very favourite people!!

I’ve also found a few cute things for the decor!

Here are some of my inspirations…


Love the green in these too! 

Table at Bella California Terrace (Small)

Now some of the stuff I have decided on…

For the ceremony/reception – for on the tables etc.

For all the ladies…  (but in pink)

As you can tell… our colors are pink and black – with a little bit of green for fun details.


Hope you enjoyed my again, random post!!

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Ciao for now,



  1. I occasionally make fajitas - they are so good! I love strong flavours, so I make sure to make them spicy!!

    Congrats to your friend!

    I like the little butterflies, and the fans. They are both very pretty! Weddings make me giddy :-)

  2. Wow!!! You will have an amazing destination wedding!

  3. I LOVE Pink and Black... those butterflies are pretty :)

    We eat fajitas a lot... it's funny, for so long I didn't like fajitas (I don't even know the reason... maybe I had a BAD one...) so now I feel tricked out of years of something I LOVE, and we eat them a lot to make up for it?? :)

  4. 29 is a great number for a destination wedding! We just got our invites out and people have until September 10th to get back to us. No official RSVPs yet.

  5. Hi Jess,
    Found your blog the other day. It's great! Thinking about going vegan, but feel like I slowly need to ease myself into it. I don't eat meat, but dairy I use daily. Any tips for moi?
    Hope camp was good this year. I took the summer off after working full time.


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