Saturday, January 22, 2011

He asked a question and I said “YES!”

Today is a smushy day for me!

It’s been a year ago today that Dave and I got engaged!!

And since we are about 3 weeks away from our wedding I thought any of you who haven’t heard the story, might like to hear it!

The Story

Awwh the lovely engagement story!!

I wrote about it the day after still floating on cloud nine..

I honestly wasn’t expecting it AT ALL (which is weird because I’m not an easy person to keep secrets from – he he )

So Dave came home from work, and wanted to go for a walk… I had already gone during the day and was a little “whatever?” about it.    He suggested we just go by ourselves and to not take the dog, I thought that was weird, as why would we go for a walk and not take our 95 pound, full of energy dog, Lance?  So we ended up taking him with us.

When I look back, there were a lot of funny little things about the whole day, but  I didn’t think anything of them.  Dave wanted to take a little side trail… no dog… he seemed a little extra happy that day… super gitty when he got home.

Anyways, back to the details – So we walked to this cute little bridge, in the middle of a bunch of beautiful trees, and we let the dog go in the water and I started walking away, and he said to me “come back here” and in my head I was thinking – that’s weird … but still no idea. 


Then he looked at me and got down on his knee (and it still didn’t click) The he said whatever he said – which I’m assuming said something along the lines of “Will you marry me” but I honestly don’t remember!! 

I screamed, of course said YES and then we hugged for a lonnnnng time! 

It was really sweet and perfect, I love that it was just our moment (and well and Lance! haha) and now we have a beautiful little bridge behind our house that is our engagement bridge! (note to all of you that haven't gotten to meet me yet, yes I am a total cheeseball!)

About 5 minutes after it happened, we ran into some people in the trail and I HAD to tell them… and then I walked, looking at my beautiful ring the rest of the way home!


When we got home we phoned everyone and got some awesome reactions!!   Everyone was really really excited and happy for us!  There were horns honking,  tears flowing… well you get the picture!

Then we came home, got ready and went out for dinner.  I wanted to tell every single person we met what had just  happened!!!  It took everything in me to keep it to myself,  I think I told our waitress and then kept it to myself for the rest of it, didn’t want people to think I was crazy!!

It was a very special day, one I’ll  never forget…  and now a year later, most of the wedding planning is done and we’re jumping on an airplane in a little under 3 weeks to spend a week with (most of ) our favourite people,  and for a big celebration to make it official!!


Hope you have a great Saturday,

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  1. Awwe, I love it!! The bridge is such a perfect spot, and your ring is gorgeous!

  2. Aw great story :-) Pretty ring!! Love the little bridge how adorable.

  3. Awwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!!!! You sound like the cutest couple :-)

  4. Love the story! So sweet.. and congrats! By the way you have been tagged: :)

    Betty xxx

  5. What a sweet story!! I can only imagine just how excited you are:):)


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