Thursday, January 20, 2011

A post from the past!

Hey guys!

Since I have so many new fabulous readers, I thought I would pull up some of my favorite posts from the past!!   (Our engagement story is coming up on the 22nd!!)

Here is one that won a spot in the top 9 on foodbuzz!! (EXCITING!)

Step to Step Energy Balls…


You can play with this recipe as much as you want,  using different dried fruits and nuts.

Also if you are feeling inspired, add in some spices  etc…   One of my favourite alternatives is adding in maple syrup, oats  and chocolate chips!! 


For all the people in my class that have just started reading (HI GUYS!)  These are an AWESOME school snack, and super  easy to make.


Have a great Thursday…

I unfortunately (accidently) ate some dairy last night and am not feeling so good today Sick smile  thankfully I have an awesome practicum placement, who gave me some “work from home” tasks for this morning, and I am heading to my practicum for the afternoon!!


Have you made any energy balls before?  What ingredients are your favorite?

I really like apricots w/almonds and orange and lemon rind.   SO good, so fresh!

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  1. love sing fig and coconut combos!

  2. Oof, sorry to hear about your dairy dosage! Can I be so forward as to say I want your balls in my mouth? Lolllllll ;)

  3. Oooh these look delicious!

  4. Nope, never made energy balls before. They sound good though.

    I am super excited about the samples! Thanks for doing the giveaway yesterday :-)

  5. These balls look great! Fabulous photos scrolling through your blog. So glad you found me. Thanks for saying hi! :)

  6. Those look great Jess...may just make them for work/school...could always use an afternoon pick me up while I"m prepping for the next day or during a staff meeting :)

  7. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I've never made energy balls, but I'm thinking I'll have to start :)
    I'm feeling you on the dairy, I've been in bed with an upset stomach all day!

  8. i just found your blog, i love it! congrats on your upcoming wedding! i do some 'ball' treats too. some laura bar-type, cashews, dates plus chia seed, pb and cocoa or lemon and coconut. i also do some granola plus trail-mix and pb and honey for my kids. i want to try your version!

  9. I make something similar for the kids, I call them Power Balls. They are so good.
    Great recipe and great post, love all the pics!!
    Peace & Raw Health,


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