Thursday, January 13, 2011

Help Needed…

Super quick post from me today.



Our wedding cake in Mexico will not be dairy free, as they don’t do that.  I need something that I can bring down there to have at cake time (cake smushing in each others face).


It will be out of the fridge for about 24 hours and then I have a fridge, but it has to last from Thursday – Tuesday.

Ok… I know you bloggies can figure this one out for me!! Smile 


Also just a note – Signature Vacations/Sunwing still is truly hated.  The only thing figured out is that this trip is going to be WAY more $ now, because Sunwing is not honouring what they said!

What can one do?  Thank you for all your great works/tweets, I appreciate it…


OK CAKE… GO………….   (ps, it doesn’t HAVE to be cake, it just has to work into the above criteria!) ha

Much love,

Jessica xo


  1. I'm so sorry about your travel woes! I hope it all works out!

    How about some kind of oatmeal muffin? It could potentially be left out of the fridge for a whole day without spoiling (especially since it will be dairy free)... not sure about an icing option though.

    Could you just ask your honey to not smash the cake directly in your mouth and avoid eating it?

  2. Can you bring a small cooler with a frozen cupcake?

    We didn't do any face cake smushing. I always thought that was a weird way to start a marriage, myself. If you just want to feed each other something delicious (no smushing) how about a piece of really excellent chocolate.

  3. LARABAR! One of those Jocolats haha.

  4. I am a huge supporter of the face smushing, and I definitely think a sweet muffin of some variety is a great idea!

  5. Awww jeez, I am sorry to hear about your issues with the travel. This is poopies!

    Everything will workout for your beautiful day!!

    Hmmmm what about a dairy free whoopi pie? It has icing and does't need to be in the fridge I don't think. When do you need it by????


  6. Does Cupcakes do dairy free cupcakes or mini cakes? I think one of those places does. Or maybe Big City Cupcakes? I was thinking the same, freeze it then let it thaw out en route. I had no idea you were a Vancouver gal? I'm totally looking for more health/fitness bloggers from Canada!

  7. I would go for a chocolate...that would be easy and still look romantic and decadent!

  8. Strawberry dipped in dark chocolate :-) I am sure they could do that there!!!

  9. I'm not sure if you'll have time to bake something the night before but if it were me I'd really want to have cake at that time (ya know, tradition and all). I've made this vegan cake in the form of cupcakes many times. I'd just put a couple of these cupcakes in my suitcase with some store bought icing. The cupcakes will keep on the counter just fine for a day or two so a suitcase won't be any different!

    I'm sure you have your own recipe for a vegan cake but here's mine!

  10. I know you will need something shelf stable, but Udi's chocolate muffins are really good and they come sealed. I wonder if you could have some shipped to your hotel or take a box with you.


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