Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yum in my Tum…


Just for the record.  I LOVE you guys! I got some of the best/sweetest emails yesterday, while you guys were sending me your addresses for the giveaway!! I appreciate them so much!!  I love blogging, so I love it when you guys love what I’m writing!! Smile 

As for the sample giveaway HOLY WOW – I went to an hour of Zumba and I came back to over 25 emails!  Even some my lovely US readers send me an email just to say hi!!  Seriously, I felt the LOVE Red heart

Just a quick post from me today,  it’s my 9 ugly hours of classes today – but the good news is – When I get home DAVE WILL BE HOME!!  I haven’t mentioned it on my blog (hello creepers) but Dave has been gone for 9 days!! I missed him SO SO SO MUCH!!!

I love him… he’s my lobster! xo


Anyways, enough smush (better get used to it with all the wedding pictures coming, just sayin) a few “what I’ve been eating, when the meat eater has been gone…” FOOD


Pear with Granola and Soy Yogurt.


Every once in awhile, I CRAVE PEARS – this was one of those weeks.  For this dish, I sliced it up and sautéed it, so it was creamy and warm.  Then topped it off with some vanilla soy yogurt and some dairy free granola from the farmers market this summer.   It was awesome and kept me full for a long time!


It was perfect because it was a warm breakfast – perfect for this weather…


Seriously yuck… so glad it’s gone!!    The  dog loves it though…


Hi Lance!! 

Mmmm… and I also made some chow mein.


I cooked up some onions, shredded carrots, zucchini, bean sprouts and kale and then tossed it with steam fried chow mein noodles!   This has become one of my favorite QUICK dinners – it takes under 10 mins!


Note to self… add WAY more kale next time.   I need a bumper sticker I <3 Kale!

And lastly…  There was an AMAZING new recipe!   As I said yesterday, I saw a recipe similar to this on someone’s blog – so if it was you, let me know so I can give you kudos!!

Mushroom and Kale Quinoa Risotto


OMG – this was heaven in a bowl…

                                             … you’ll have to stay tuned for the recipe though…

                                                                                                         …muah ha ha……………

I know you wont’ be mad, becausebI know you guys all love me, cuz you told me!! Red rose hehe


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  1. I made the poor man's version of that risotto last night by just tossing some torn up kale shreds into my rice cooker when the quinoa was close to being done cooking! :) It was delicious, no doubt, but yours looks WAAAAY better!

  2. AWWW !! He's My Lobster!! :) *phoebe* !!


    that is awesome.

    I am the same way... I don't talk about it when Jason goes out of town, but I am always SOOOOO excited when he returns!

    have a most wonderful evening!!

  3. We have a crazy amount of snow too - record snow fall for our city this year!

  4. Oh my goodness, Lance is adorable! Such a cutie!

  5. Yum! All your food looks so delicious. And wow, that is a crazy amount of snow. We had snow for a few days in December last year in the UK.. nothing this year. Betty xx


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