Sunday, January 2, 2011

It’s a NEW YEAR!


Lack of posting again – due to having a big nasty cold…  Usually I zap it with oregano oil, but this time it didn’t work…   so I have been loafing on the couch…

So I’ll do a re cap of the last few days!

On New Years Eve Day, we went for a beautiful (cold) walk and I snapped some photos!





I’m in love with taking photos,  it’s something that makes me so happy….

After that, I laid on the couch until we went out for New Years at our friends place!  It was a super mellow night (which was perfect)!   I am feeling really positive about 2011… I think it’s going to be a good year.

As for resolutions, I don’t REALLY see the point, but I have a few things to work towards;

---being more positive (seeing the opportunity in everything) – I have fallen into a pattern of just automatically going negative with most things…  no more!

---More yoga!!  I think that’s good for everything!!  I down loaded this ipod touch app – which I think will be great! (Note, I am SO in love with my iTouch – it’s easily the coolest thing EVER!)

---Maybe run a 5km race? 


(after completing an 8km race in Victoria)

I’ve done it before a few times, but I would have to start the couch to 5km program again.  I’m finding it hard to get motivated with school, but my schedule has changed for this semester, it’s a totally wacky schedule (9+ hours of class time per day 1x per week!) but it opens up more time to get out.

---Make more healthy foods!  I went from eating UBER healthy to having to change my diet due to some stomach problems –the new diet includes a lot more soluble fibre (aka french bread), but I have to focus on the healthier soluble fibre and less of the fresh white bread!!  Any soluble fibre food (recipe) suggestions?

---BE PRESENT – I have no idea how to do this, but I want to be more present in life, especially with our wedding coming up. 

There ya go, things to focus on!!  


Moving on…

I also made some more of my new FAVORITE recipe!!!  This recipe is fantastic, I subbed chia seeds for flax seeds, and added about 1/4 cup of chocolate chips and only used 1/2 the sugar!



They are so delish!!  They taste bad for you, but they aren’t!!

I’m going to try making them again with fried bananas (aka caramel goodness)


Did you make any resolutions?

Have any suggestions for some soluble fibre recipes for me?

Any other tips re:yoga, being present etc.??  I am open to suggestions!

Much love,

xo Jessica


  1. Your gorgeous!! I love reading your posts because I feel I get to know you more and more each one!!

    I love your goals and I know you can achieve each one!!

    Keep inspiring us doll!!

    I have many goals for the new year, bakery, more time with people I love, getting to know myself more and being more understanding :)


  2. Your pictures are gorgeous! You have an excellent eye! :)

  3. Are you using a new camera? Your photos are great!!!

    As far as soluble fiber - I'm afraid I have nothing. Except to say I would love a diet centered around French bread! :oP

    And you should totally go for that race! I love Victoria a running city so maybe go for one there again. You could even do a walk run if you wanted to do a longer one.

    As far as yoga - have you tried Rodney Yee? His stuff is great!!!

  4. Hey Jess,
    I'm with you on the whole new year's resolution thing...I make myself attainable goals and try not to get discouraged if it takes me a little longer.

    As for some of my goals: increase my activity level (just bought a treadmill), more healthy cooking and eat less chocolate. We'll see how it goes.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Love your goals. I'm a firm believer that positivity is key! I also really want to make yoga a more regular activity in my life... so I look forward to seeing how you do with it and possibly gain some inspiration!

  6. When my mom went into the hospital last year, I finally learned how to be present. I realized how to live in the moment, and to appreciate the present. Life is too precious to dwell in the past, or wish for the future when life is happening RIGHT NOW.

    I wish you all the best with your 2011 goals - you can totally accomplish them!!

  7. Fabulous photos!
    Love your blog, I just found it today :-)

    Just curious what type of stomach problems are you having? I developed some issues in the last 6 months and even though i've had many tests and been seeing a GI DR, i've yet to make any real progress with it :-(


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