Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love for Jenn.

I have to pay tribute to a beautiful person today.  


I have been reading the blog, Baby Will You Love Me When I'm Bald for awhile now.  I’ve read the entire blog, because Jenn’s(the author) joy and enthusiasm for life is  so inspiring. Every time she posted something on facebook or on her blog, I knew that I would feel inspired.   It’s the journey of this beautiful women battling cancer and it goes through her ups and downs of the disease. 

Unfortunately tonight, Jenn lost her battle with cancer.  Even though I have never met her in person, I am so touched by her and her story that I felt like I needed to write about her today.

It’s amazing how words can touch a person so deeply and make you feel so connected to someone, that I am sitting here, tears streaming down my face.  The world truly lost someone special today… 

Jenn leaves behind a loving husband and a baby boy and of course a whole group of people who love her.  Please send them some your love and prayers to this family today.  

On her Love For Jenn facebook page they are arranging to get a bouquet together for the family.  Anyone can purchase a flower for it, so if you get a chance to check out her blog or not, please consider contributing to this in support of her family.   Here is the link for the information regarding the bouquet.  All the money raised will go towards Jenn’s husband and son!   Let’s send them lots of love.


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  1. thank you for sharing this, Jessica. <3

  2. Prayers for all who are touched by her loss. <3

  3. What an amazing woman - thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for passing this along, Jessica! Prayers, peace, and comfort to her family.

  5. Jessica, you are a gorgeous and loving person and this is why we all love you so much!

    What a beautiful post today...thank you :)



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