Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Photos–Getting Ready!

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for all the love on the Love for Jen post. It was amazing to see that she touched some of you too…   As for the flowers when I talked to the florist at 9am, (to order mine) she already had LOTS of orders for flowers, so I hope the bouquet for the family is beautiful.

Moving on…

I know you want more photos… so more photos you shall receive!!   There are our “getting ready” photos!! (aka – you have AT LEAST 3 more wedding posts after this one!)


Our rings on top of the fans that we gave the guests at the ceremony!






My dress – I am still SO in love with it!!







I decided to do most of the girls hair and my own… to ease some of the stress I thought I might have!! (I didn’t end up being stressed at all!!)





My mom, after giving her a gift








One of my bridesmaids did my makeup and did a fantastic job!!


Awwh my pretty bouquet!


My “something borrowed” earrings from one of our wedding guests!!  I saw her wearing them and immediately fell in love!!


“Something old” was a handkerchief from my grandfather that passed away – this was very special for me and the bridesmaids bouquets that I made!



My beautiful maid of honorJ&D_1415

Taking a quiet moment to myself before putting on my dress…  the concerned look is because I didn’t think there were enough chairs!!


Mom lacing me up!!  (tricky job!)




The pretty back (don’t mind the spanks peaking out!!)


Deep breaths!! 


Had to breath out before they…


Tried to suffocate me!! haha…  They were pulling so hard I had to hold on!! (it was all worth it for the tiny waist though!)


Last minute touch ups, before heading down to do see my hunny for our “First Look”  which will be the next set of photos!! Smile J&D_1540

I have SO many more,  and I chose the silly ones for you guys!!  Because as you may know… I’m a bit silly!!   hahahahaaaaaaaaaa!    

For amazing photos in the Toronto area and beyond check our  She’s amazing

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For anyone bored of wedding photos – I think my next post will be an AMAZING cookie recipe!!

PS.  In case you haven’t heard!!  Make sure to head over to my dear friend Robyn at Girl On Raw and congratulate her and her hubby (the kite surfer) on there new BLUE bundle of joy!!    I’m SO EXCITED for them!! 


  1. You are so talented!!! Doing hair, making bouquets!! Wow!!

    "Getting ready" photos are always some of my favourites. I love the excitement and anticipation.

    Keep the wedding photos coming!!!!

  2. Love the photos!! Congrats! looking forward to more pics.

  3. @Jolene - EverydayFoodie

    Thanks lady!! IT was fun doing all that stuff myself!!

  4. That photo of you holding on to the post while they cinch you in is classic! :)

  5. Soooooo pretty!!! How awesome!!
    I love the picture of you holding your boobs! We all can relate. lol

  6. awww, love the pictures! you are beautiful! and your photographer did a great job capturing the feeling. i can tell you weren't stressed (yay!) and that there was just happiness there. :)

  7. Congratulations! You look amazing, hope the day was everything you wished it to be.

  8. You look beautiful! Congratulations! Love the brushing your teeth photo!

  9. You're SO on the ball with posting all your pictures! Meanwhile I haven't even chosen my 30 for my album! lol

    Seriously though, they are all absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! And you look so very happy! Just the way a wedding day should be! :)

  10. Hi!
    I think we have a mutual friend here in Kelowna and she mentioned your blog to me as I have just started one of my own!
    I was taking a peek at your wedding photos (beautiful by the way!) and saw your link to Calla Evans. Did she do your wedding photos? She is a great photographer and actually took some family photos for me.
    Love your blog! Here is a link to mine in case you want to take a look.


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