Thursday, March 10, 2011


So it’s official.

I am burned out.  After planning a wedding, traveling to Mexico, coming home and having 5 exams and a whole bunch of projects due since getting back (and a whole bunch more I’m working on), I’m exhausted… 

My body is screaming at me to relax…

While I don’t have much time to relax right now…. I only have 5 more weeks of school until this semester is done…. then I get 1.5 weeks off until I start a 6 week full time practicum.  SO grateful practicum = no assignments or exams!


Anyways, I’m trying hard to keep my head above water, and decided that ooey goey chocolate helps!!

When Tina from Carrots N Cake posted this recipe, I was honestly drooling…  They looked SO good!

These are fantastic – they get very caramelly on the bottom!

Without futher adoo……….

“Burned Out Student Cookies”


See the original recipe at Carrots N Cake 

Matt Damon Cookies

My dairy free subs!!

1 cup  regular flour

Subbed 2 TBSP coconut oil for the butter. 

Subbed 2 chia eggs for the 2 regular eggs (2tbsp + 8 tbsp water) – let sit while combining other ingredients so the chia seeds can soak up the water!!

Instead of 2 cups goodies, I only added 1 cup in total!

  • DSC_0043

Served with a tall glass of chilled almond milk


I’m just going to plug away at the next 5 weeks… but I’m feeling hopeful that everything will be  ok… especially when I saw these…


No better feeling in the world than knowing icky weather is on it’s way out… and SPRING is on it’s way!!

What are your ways to de-stress?   AND/OR how do you deal with mental exhaustion? I need some good tips!


  1. I hope you get a little bit of time to rest in soon! But I'm sure cookies help a bit ; )

  2. @lesley lifting life

    awwh thank you, I hope so too!! 5 weeks!! :)

  3. You need a massage!!! I always book a massage when I am really stressed.

  4. Yoooooooooou can doooooooooo it!!! I have oodles of faith in you, lady! xoxo

  5. I'm so very sorry things are so stressful!

    I can relate, I had the exact same experience after the wedding. And to be honest, I'm still waiting to catch that down time.

    In the meantime, we should both just try to say up-beat! And it's important not to neglect your diet!

  6. Those look like the exact subs I would make to that recipe :)

    When I'm overworked (which includes right now), I make a to-do list and then set it aside and take a nap! Then I try and do yoga and drink water, and then I seem to be able to focus a little more. Good luck!

  7. DFB! I have to catch up on a zillllllion of your posts!!!!! I want these cookies now...please?


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