Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Green Smoothie a Day…


Remember my 31 at 31?   Well… here goes nothing!!


I am LOVING this book!  It easily is the best and most inspiring book I’ve read in a LONG time!!  It’s so good it’s distracting me from my school work, because I just want to keep reading!!!   There is absolutely no way that this book won’t inspire you! 


2 huge handfuls of spinach

1 tbsp spirilina powder

1 and a bit cups frozen mango (frozen mangos ROCK in smoothies)

1 tbsp berry force

1 tsp probiotics

1/2 a nanner

It was a tasty very GREEN breaky!!


What else has been tasty in my life???

There has been some Fattoush Salad  - which was a beautiful break from writing a paper!


I heart fattoush…. it’s SO good!

And i got it with a homemade flat bread the size of my head!  Or bigger?    I ate it with some hummus! 


PS.  My new FAVORITE hummus – ala Costco  - It’s SO incredibly tasty!! image

Anyways… I must get back to the research papers!  I got a lot finished last night, but I’m hoping to finish off 1 of them today, so I can send it into the teacher!!    Wish me luck!


PS.  What’s your FAVORITE smoothie recipe??  Feel free to link in the comment section, or on facebook!  I am teaching a class on smoothies and making smoothie book for the adults with special needs that I’m doing my practicum with, so I need some tasty ones!

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ps. I bought and paid for Crazy Sexy Diet with my own cash-ola – opinion is strictly based on it’s awesomeness!!


  1. I am loving this book too!! I am starting the cleanse next week...

    my favorite smoothies lately have been the ones where I juice a bunch of veggies, then add that juice to my blender full of spinach :

  2. cool! i need to read it! i need inspiration all the time! i just watched 'food matters' and i LOVED it. can't believe i haven't seen it before! and your other photos look so yummy! flat bread and hummus..yum!

    i love green smoothies too! drink them at least once everyday. i blog about a few different recipes here including my 7 year old daughter's favorite smoothie- a hot pink smoothie (she'd very girly and the pink sold her on it!)

    But i usually make one with non-dairy milk, a little couple of peach slices, chia seeds (soaked for a min), frozen cherries or strawberries and a couple handfuls of spinach or a little bit of kale.

    good luck on the papers!!

  3. That green smoothie sounds so good! I need to get some spirulina powder

  4. I love that book!!

    Green smoothies are my fave. I love lots of combos, but especially romaine, spinach, cacao, and stevia.

  5. I love green smoothies, this is my favorte recipe:

    I leave out the date and use soymilk though :)

  6. Green monsters are probably my fave. I make them different every time I make them, so I don't have a favourite recipe.

  7. Thank you for the follow up info on spirulina and for visiting my blog!!!

  8. Here are some of my smoothie recipes
    and there are more in other entries on my blog.

    The one you made looks AWESOME!!! I have to get my spirulina yet!
    Peace and Raw Health,


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