Monday, March 21, 2011

What I’ve been up to!!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack o posting!!  These last 4 weeks of school are taking over my life (plus I had the FLU! YUCK)!  I’ve been flat out reading, studying, working on projects, and hardly any time for blogging or cooking!

BUT I am here today to give a wee update on what’s been in my kitchen lately!

Let’s see…

I’m SO GLAD it’s getting light out earlier now, most of my pictures were taken in dark places so they aren’t so good!!  WARNING – SOME CRAPPY/DARK PHOTOS AHEAD

This was amazing – bread, spread with refried beans and a bit of daiya “cheese” popped under the broiler, and then topped with avocado and cilantro!! *love*  such a quick meal too!


Last night for dinner, we had the 1st BBQ of the season!! Smile  YAHOO!!  I had BBQ veggies with sautéed kale and shrimp!   I also had a big ole’ slice of bread to go with this – dipped in balsamic and oil! (YUM!)


I love veggies cooked on the BBQ


There has been A LOT of Starbucks in my last 2 days!  I’ve gone about 6 months as a starving student not having starbucks and then one of my BFF’s came to town – she’s brought me Starbucks 2x’s and Dave got me one yesterday  - Gotta love them!


My drinks of choice -  this is a shaken green tea lemonade (YUM), I’ve also had my 2 other favourites – shaken passion lemonade and a steamed soy milk with toffee nut syrup!!

I also got a lovely knock on the door the other day with a sample pack from the people at Artisana! (HOLY YUM!)



Seriously?   when they said they would send some samples,

I thought maybe a wee bit, but this was a serious haul!!

So far I have been LOVING this stuff…

Almond butter on rice cakes = delicious!  This almond butter is the SWEETEST (non sweetened) almond butter I’ve tasted!!  Them are some sweet almonds!  SO GOOD!


And yesterday for breaky I tested out the Macadamia Butter


No joke,  this stuff should be illegal


When I see a jar of this, it’s all mine!!  (Obviously my favourite so far!)

Anywhoo… I’ll get back to you guys, and review the other flavors as I test them out!!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago we hosted a Mexican Fiesta dinner party!!


Good times!   My recap is coming soon (with recipes!) I promise!

Anyways, here’s to the ending of the worlds most random post!!

2 questions for you?

Anything FABULOUS I need to pick up at Costco tomorrow?  It’s my birthday tomorrow, and Dave’s taking me SHOPPING and then we’re heading to Costco (YAY!) – oh and then to SUSHI with 6 of my favorite people!!

What’s your Starbucks drink of choice? 

I love hearing all the wacky drink orders out there – mine USED to be – Tall, soy, 1/2 sweet peppermint latte – easy on the foam…

Have an AWESOME MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PS… FUN STUFF – Lance was featured on BLOG DOGS!! Go check it out and if you click his name it takes you too a silly video of his Lancey-ness!


  1. Those shrimp look lovely, and the side of barbecued veggies - YES PLEASE! What a fresh and gorgeous dish.

    I've never had macadamia nut butter, but wow, it sounds incredible.

  2. I'm a fan of the SB myself... When I'm in the mood for something hot its a Soy Chai Latte all the way.. however since spring has been peaking about lately (not that we'd know by the 10 cm of snow Ottawa got this morning) ... I've been loving the Soy Mocha Light Frapp... yum yum!

  3. I'm an Iced Grande No Classic Green Tea Latte. :) or a Triple Americano!

    I am NOT a macadamia fan, so if I have any of those packets left over I'll send them to you!! :)

    my favorite things from Costco lately - cases of coconut water and the bags of sweet peppers - those are so good!

  4. With that table setting, I can only imagine how fun your Mexican fiesta was!! :)

  5. So what is the Artisana Coconut Butter like? What makes it different than the coconut butter you usually find at health food stores? I've long wondered . . .

    And hang in there on the studies. They will soon be over for the year! :)

    BTW - super cute decor for the dinner partay and absolutely yummy eats too!

  6. Holy haul! I'm drooling! I've often wondered how the Artisana coconut butter stacks up against homemade. That's a nice start to some birthday love for you, yeah? :)

    As for your questions:
    I love getting tabouli at problem for me to eat two containers of it. And I always get bananas there, too.

    And I'm a purist at Starbucks (some may call it boring, ha)...tall non-fat latte has me written all over it.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow - be sure to throw some cake into the mix!

  7. Mmmmm...looks like lotsa great food---and hopefully is doing its job to help you get through school :)

    My fave starbucks drink is caramel macchiato. mmm.

  8. Ooooh the table looks so beautifully set for the dinner party!!! I can't wait for the recap!

    I usually order a cinnamon dolce latte or a shaken black tea lemonade.

  9. Wow that is quite the haul of Artisana products. Can't wait to hear your review of all of them.

    I have 2 favs at Starbucks: A non-fat extra hot Chai tea latte and a non sweet black tea (with or without the lemonade).

    As for Costco I love the big bags of organic Quinoa and assortment of the fruits and veggies they have. Every trip there is something new to try.

    Happy Birthday!!

  10. How do you get all of these free samples??

  11. My favorite Starbucks drink has always been a grande latte. It was a little slice of heaven. I stopped drinking dairy in January and Starbucks just hadn't been the same. I'm not a huge soy fan so I have been getting a cafe americano which is a shot of espresso mixed with water. Not as good as a latte but it's better than nothing. Maybe adding a flavoring to soy milk will taste better than with just espresso. I'll try the toffee nut next time.

  12. @Caroline
    Caroline, Thanks for your response!! I know of a lady that gets flavor shots in her americano!! I'm also not a huge soy milk fan, but I like the stuff they use at SB!! :)


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