Sunday, January 24, 2010

Head in the clouds – and all the details!

Your comments were soooo awesome.  I had a great time reading them all THANK you so much.

I could feel the love all the way over here!


My head is in the clouds, I am the happiest girl around!

I honestly wasn’t expecting it AT ALL (which is weird because I’m not an easy person to keep secrets from – he he )

So Dave came home from work, and wanted to go for a walk… I had already gone during the day and was a little “whatever?” about it.    He suggested we just go by ourselves and to not take the dog, I thought that was weird, as why would we go for a walk and not take Lance?  So we ended up taking him.


When I look back, there were a lot of funny little things, but  I didn’t think anything of them.  Dave wanted to take a little side trail… no dog… he seemed a little extra happy that day…

Anyways, back to the details – So we walked to this cute little bridge, in the middle of a bunch of beautiful trees, and we let the dog go in the water and I started walking away, and he said to me “come back here” and in my head I was thinking – that’s … but still no idea.  

Then he looked at me and got down on his knee (and it still didn’t click) The he said whatever he said – which I’m assuming said something along the lines of “Will you marry me” but I honestly don’t remember!!   I screamed, of course said YES and then we hugged for a lonnnnng time!  

It was really sweet and perfect, I love that it was just our moment (well and Lance! haha) and now we have a beautiful little bridge behind our house that is our bridge!

We came home and phoned everyone and got some awesome reactions!!   Everyone was really really excited, as they all love Dave!! heart

I’m sooooooooooo happy!!  I’ve been in love with this guy since probably our second date.  I honestly couldn’t imagine him not being there so I am the happiest girl ever!!

So the wedding will be somewhere like Mexico or Hawaii and I am SUPER open to suggestions for places to go, so if you have them feel free to send me details!

If you haven’t seen the ring pictures you can go here!!.  The ring is BEAUTIFUL – white gold, princess cut.  I LOVE the ring, it’s the perfect amount of bling for this girl!

My friend is going to take some better pictures today, so there shall be more to post ASAP!  

Thanks again for all your love, you guys are wonderful!

xo Jessica


  1. Adorable! I love how sweet & simple it was...what a nice memory for you two! Like I said, your ring is beautiful! I went to a wedding in Mexico a few years ago and we had the best time!! Happy planning (you'll have a blast!).

  2. jessica, that is the sweetest story ever :)

    altough i'm only 17, i've been dating my boyfriend for almost 3.5 years, so i'm sappy about stories like this! keep us updated with wedding details ;)

    and you should totally have some kind of dairy-free cakee :)

    ♥ lindsey

  3. Congrats hun! Have you guys picked a tentative date yet?

    As far as destination wedding. I vote for Tuscany, Italy... somewhere on the coast.

    Thats where I would have mine if I could.

  4. This made my day.
    So precious.
    Every girl wants a beautiful story like that to her kids one day :)



  5. How perfect and sweet!! I am so happy for you! What an exciting time, enjoy every second (I am sure you will!). HUGS!

  6. OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! For some reason, I thought you were already married b/c you seem so "at home" in your relationship and it seems so second-nature, like an old married couple :)

    I've been married 9 yrs (got married pretty young) and we eloped to Vegas. Seriously, I wish it would have been Hawaii or the Caribbean, but the 1st 5 yrs of our marriage we trotted around the globe on exotic vacay's like it was our job and it was great! Where ever you do it, keep it simple, easy, and exactly what your heart desires :)

    The ring is gorg. And so are the last few posts worth of food :)
    Kris' bars look great!

    And congrats!!!!!!!!

  7. Such a lovely proposal story - you two must be so happy!! I would totally recommend Hawaii - I have been to a lot of tropical places, and Hawaii was by FAR the best!!

    I can't wait to follow along on the journey as you plan your wedding - if you need any advice or ideas, I would be happy to help (I am a certified wedding coordinator and consultant) :-)

  8. What a great story! I got goose bumps just reading about your day! =)
    I am soooo happy for you! HUGS!

  9. What a beautiful way to propose! Of course, having Lance there just made it that much better! :) Congratulations lady!

  10. This is so wonderful!!!! I just love your story and love that you are thinking of Hawaii for your big day! No better place is there??

    Have a great night love!


  11. How sweet and romantic!

    I LOVE weddings! I have no plans to get married (i.e. lovely fella has been warned an engagement can't happen for at least another 2 years) but I read wedding blogs and have my own wedding planned in a word doc. Haha I'm ridiculous!


  12. awwwh! What a great story, congratulations to you guys!! I LOVE your ring, it's the perfect size. I like jewelry like that. Congrats!!


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