Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy SUNday morning!!

The sun is shining and I’m a happy girl!!  YAY!!

How was your Saturday night?  Did you do anything exciting??  Did you participate in EARTH HOUR?   

I did and it was so relaxing!  Dave was out, so I put on the candles… pulled out the yoga matt, did some yoga… and listened to David Grey ( I couldn’t sit in a dark/quiet house!!)  That would have been scary!! hehe   I think I should do this more often!


So you guys will be proud of me!!  I have been to the gym 3x this week!!  (YAY!!), yoga x2, and Zumba once!!  WOO HOO!!   It feels good to be getting back to it!!

It also helps me justify this deliciousness!


Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies!!


I put a shout out on Twitter and got a response for this recipe!

They were tested out by 2 people and both loved them!! 

Another must try recipe!!


I have been sticking to my “eat more veggies” plan!!

Lunch the other day!!  YUM this Amy’s soup is sooo good!  (My fav so far)  With some blurry cheese-less pizza!!


Left over soup, chicken, veggies and hummus!  


All my Vegan friends would be proud of this meal!!  Dave had steak and I choose portabella mushroom instead!  BBQed in a brown rice wrap with kale and hummus!  It was AMAZING!! Melted in my mouth!!


Then yesterday after the gym, we decided to get sushi!!  It was closed!! BOOO – so then Dave thought up this place that makes great red pepper soup… they were out!!  Double boo!!

So he got Subway and I went next door and got this yummy pita!

It was chicken, loaded full of veggies – when I got home I added the rest of my mushroom and hummus!!  SO GODO!


with some new tea!  Hibiscus and Vanilla! YUM!


Later on I snacked on some strawberries – which almost got eaten by sneaky puppy!!   So close!!


A few more cookies were eaten!


and I had some oatmeal later for dinner!! 

So I’ve been doing pretty good eating and working out wise… we will see how it goes!!   


Hard to believe it’s Sunday already!!  

What does your perfect Sunday look like????

See ya…



  1. Those cookies look yummy! I want to make cookies now :P

  2. My perfect Sunday involves coffee, blogs, exercise and that's about it!

    I love Amy's Soups - have you tried the Tomato Bisque yet? So good!

  3. Yay for more veggies! Those cookies look really really good though!

    Cute picture of your dog's nose going for the strawberries! :)

  4. Oops...think I hit enter. I hope that comment went though!

  5. Hey hibiscus and vanilla drink? YUM!

  6. Ooooops, I forgot about Earth Hour!

    I was hosting my 24, 24, 24 dinner last night! It was so much fun :-)

  7. so many gorgeous eats. oh cookies.


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