Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Food food… oh wonderful food!

Since it seems like forever since I have done a food post… I will update you with what’s been on my plate the last few days!

My favorite breaky – fast, easy and delish!


There has also been some more OIAJ (Oats in a Jar)

DSC_0964 More oats (I have finally figured out why everyone loves them so much – it’s just the right mix of toppings!)

Toppings – banana, chia seeds, coconut peanut butter, macca and a few chocolate chips!  So yummy!

DSC_1012 Mom’s muffins have also made an appearance!!

DSC_0887 Other non breakfast meals lately… 

Dave was nice enough to make 2 huge pots of his specialty stew for a program I was running!!   So good!


It’s loaded full of veggies… and stewing beef…  The pictures don’t do it ANY justice… it’s amazing!

DSC_0891 I also made some soup for the soul… Turkey and Veg!

DSC_0978 It was delish – especially served with Irish Soda Bread

DSC_0949 there has also been tamales…  amazing tamales that we bought from the farmers market… I decided I would make some of my own until I realized tamales – LARD… and lots of it.   EEK… probably why they are so mouth watering… (with sautéed kale)


In the mix there has also been berry/banana soft serve…  so good!

DSC_1001 (2) and I tested out a new juice – I didn’t enjoy this flavor, but the GREEN one was delish!!  Super thick – I had to add water too it, but it was tasty!!

DSC_0995 (2)

That’s all for eats (of course I ate more than this, but these were my highlights!!)


I got two beautiful, wonderful, birthday surprises yesterday too!

Beautiful Orchids from  Jess

How beautiful are these???



She came over and we went for a long walk.  Part way through our walk, someone told us that a cougar (mt.lion) had been spotted about 10 mins from us! EEK!!  We quickly turned around and walked the other direction… Can you imagine running into a 130 pound cat, alone in the bush?? No thank you!

When we got home I had a message that I had a spa gift certificate under my mat at the front door!!  A pedicure from my good friend in Alberta! YES!!  What more could I ask for!??  (Thanks Amanda!)

Oh yah?  The message from some family friends of them singing me happy birthday!!   So great!

It was a great day!  Thank you to everyone for all my lovely messages,  my twitter went crazy and my inbox was full of sweet messages. 

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!



  1. Those are the BESTEST friends ever it sounds! Sounds like you had a great day, except for almost being devoured. ROFL! God spared you...ha ha ha..OK I will stop.

  2. WOW! I don't ever eat oatmeal but you make me want to! Right combination of toppings indeed, it looks amazing!

    And yes, that orchid is gorgeous! Such beautiful colors. :-)

  3. I love the new blog colors! Very springy and cheerful!
    I suck at growing orchids - my ex-bf LOVED growing orchids and was quite good at it. They are very hard to deal with and time consuming but he had a natural knack. =)
    That's funny you had tamales cause Marc brought some home yesterday, too. I love tamales but haven't eaten them in a while. I am searching right now for a vegan recipe... but I don't know how authentic they will be.

  4. Yes, happens... A joke for you peoples! What's a chimney sweep's most common ailment? The flue. viagera

  5. It all looks good, especially the stew. Now I'm hungry! :-)

  6. Just catching up on blogs... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was fabulous! You look gorgeous in the pictures. And I LOVE the "advice" on the green card... too funny!

  7. That soup and the soft serve both look TO-DIE-FOR!!!!

  8. I can slmost smell that stew cooking. It would be perfect for the bone chilling day here!
    Glad you had a happy birthday, things only get better from here! Also love your blog look, its lovely. I actually changed my header too. New starts :)

  9. oh you're food always looks so good! and yikes about the cougar!!

    and i was told today by my doctor that i could no longer eat yogurt or ANY dairy at all :(

    any advice?? that was the last thing i was holding on to!

    ♥ lindsey

  10. OMG I love the new layout!!!! sooo pretty!

    ok so i just did an entire post today about dairy, being DF, the whole bit dispelling myths, etc..i think you may like it!


  11. Happy Birthday to YOU! I love the new look of your blog too. Very colorful and fun.

    Your eats look so tasty. I love that you always make something different for breakfast (or at least somewhat different). I am a creature of habit, and ALWAYS have oat bran with pumpkin and PB, I need to switch it up soon, I'm finally getting sick of it :)

    Glad you are safe from the lurking mountain lion!

  12. Everything looks yummy!!

    I love orchids!!

  13. Mmmmyeah oats are pretty much AMAZING.

    I've never tried the blue superfood flava, I'm obsessed with the green one though.

  14. I heart OIAJ! Yum!

    And so many pretty colors and flowers over here. Woo hoo for spring!!! :-D

  15. Pretty new blog, girlie! LOVE the orchid! Never tried tamales, but heard they're pretty insanely good, I had no idea the LARD made them tasty....lol.


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