Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Wednesday Eats

Happy Thursday!!  It’s almost the weekend! YAY!!

On my facebook page right now we are discussing eating habits!  I’d love if you guys came over and let me know what your thoughts are!! 

I made a shout out on twitter yesterday for tips on how to cook this lovely beast!

DSC_1006 Have you tried fennel before?  When I cut it open, the smell of liquorice flooded my nostrils!!  haha..  YUM!

Apparently there are many things you can do?  Shave it for salad, roast it, stirfry… who knew?     I roasted it with some turnips and cauliflower and a bit of EVOO.   I liked it… very mild taste!

I also made some….?? (I need a fun name for them) Sweet potatoe coins – they were super quick and easy…  and oh so yummy.

DSC_1007 Dave BBQed up some chicken thighs, and I sauted some swiss chard (sprinkled with Nooch)

And dinner was served (I only ate one of those little chickens)


Very tasty meal!  

Rewind to breakfast…  I got inspired by this lovely lady to make my very own muesli…

So I tossed some oats (about 1/4 cup) into a bowl, and covered with other goodies!

(coconut, chia seeds, raisins, pistachios, chocolate chips, macca and pecans)


Then put a little bit of almond milk over top and let it sit for a few…

DSC_1000 So good! And such a nutritional powerhouse breakfast!

Fast forward to lunch!!

My favorite lunch!  Snack plate!


Steamed kale, cucumbers, tomatoe, crackers, smoked oysters and the most amazing hummus…

DSC_1002 This hummus is TOTALLY worth the $$


In between these meals a smoothie was had, also after dinner an apple with almond butter and some popcorn!! 

Well those are my meals for the day!!  Must go make some lunch  now which will look very  much like lunch here!!

Have a great day!



  1. Gah! Everything looks so good. Can I come over for dinner???

    Love fennel. Amazing.

  2. Yum, Sweet Potatoes - love to dip them in garlic mayo but now I am thinking I should try garlic yogurt instead.

  3. What an lovely blog! So glad we found each other.

    When I get the fennel fronds with the bulbs I'll put them in smoothies. Mmmmmm. I haven't had fennel since last summer when I found some at the Farmers' Market. Other than putting the fronds in the smoothie, I can't remember what I did with the rest. Hubby probably grilled them on the BBQ. Your roasted mix sounds yummy.

  4. OMG all your eats look so yummy!!! I have never tried fennel before...does it actually taste like licorice?


  5. The fennel sounds very interesting. I must try that!

  6. I gotta say even though I like Sabra, I LOVE the Superstore Spicy Hummus Kind!

  7. I roasted fennel for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I liked the taste, you are right very mild. It was a little too much to eat by itself - but maybe I will try again and roast it with other veggies, like eggplant or zucchini.

    Th hummus looks good - but I have a severe reaction to pine nuts :-(

    I usually make my own hummus - then I can add whatever good stuff I am in the mood for - like roasted red peppers! - YUM!!

    Nice post!

  8. I do like fennel and this post reminds me that I need to add it to my list for tonight!

  9. Delicious-looking muesli! I love the stuff!

    I call those sweet potato chips!

    And fennel - yum! I love it on pitas, pizzas, and barley salads! So delicious!

    I love the new look, hun! Have a great weekend!

  10. I don't know if I have ever had fennel ... I have definitely never made it!

  11. Wow. That food looks so delicious!


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