Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My very random post!

Hey guys,

Sorry for my disappearing act lately! I’ve been super busy, but have still been reading all your blogs, just no commenting!!


Ok, this is my super random post!  Lots of fun stuff… with some wedding details at the end!! :)

Ok… after my snack post a few people asked me how to oven pop popcorn!!


Take some oil of choice – about a table spoon and put it in a pot (with a tight fitting lid)

I prefer coconut oil


Drop in 3 kernels of popcorn


Cover until all 3 pop!!

Once all 3 have popped then put in about 1/4 cup of kernels per person.


Keep the heat around medium… and let the sizzle begin!

Give the pot a little shake every once in awhile!! (to keep the kernels from burning!)

Then… beautiful popcorn!!


Then top with whatever you like!!


Next topic!  What’s been on my plate the last few days!

Kale salad! YUMMY!! With Amie’s Goddess Dressing



Juice… lots of juice



Yesterday some cupcakes were made for work!  I may have tested them!


Some more salad with warm roasted cauliflower and broccoli!


Homemade chicken fingers, fries and MORE roasted broccoli and cauliflower! (and a shot glass of sweet chilli sauce)


Of course there was lots more eaten… but nothing worth documenting!! :)



So we are officially staying at the RIU Emerald Bay, Mazatlan


SO excited!! We’ve had some RSVPs coming in, which makes it super exciting!! I can’t wait for it!!

I’ve found some fun excursions too…  very close to a bloggers heart!   Salsa and Salsa – learn to make authentic Mexican margaritas, 6 different salsas, guacamole and then spend the afternoon doing salsa lessons!  YES!!  So fun.  It got rated as one of the best excursions in Mazatlan, and I have been emailing the “dancing chefs” and they sound like so much fun!

This is all the wedding gossip as of now! I still haven’t been dress shopping, but soon!!


Hope you are all doing wonderful!!

Keep your eyes open for a coconuty, peanut buttery giveaway, very soon!



ps… do you have any great giveaway ideas??? I’d be very interested to know!!! I want to host some fun ones soon!



  1. I had no idea making popcorn was so easy, lol. I'm trying this ASAP!

    Your wedding sounds like it will be wonderful!

    (btw, I'm having a protein powder giveaway for Canadians only!)

  2. sounds like everythign is coming along beautifully for your wedding! how fun!

    And your eats look so great, I've never tried kale.

  3. Wedding venue looks GORGEOUS!!

  4. Your venue is GORGEOUS! Your wedding is going to be amazing!!!!!!

  5. mmm, I love freshly popped popcorn. My favorite thing to do is sprinkle some nutrition yeast on top! It's so tasty.

  6. Oooooh how exciting about your wedding location!!!!!!!!

    That giveaway sounds pretty awesome - I love all things coconuty :-)

  7. Homemade popcorn is the best! I like the idea of using coconut oil too. :) Gorgeous wedding location!

  8. Cute cupcakes! And your juice....yummy! Don't you just love the juicer??

  9. Ahhh MEXICO WEDDING! So happy for you two :)

    Also - never thought to use COCONUT OIL for popcorn. Must do. So smart!

  10. I love EVERYTHING (Food and Wedding stuff). Loving the new blog layout too :)

  11. Ohh, that wedding stuff is so exciting isn't it? It gets even better once you start looking at dresses!!

    Those cupcakes like like something out of a magazine, great job! Mine always look like something a 2 year old decorated, lol.

  12. Your wedding is going to be gorgeous!!! The excursions sound like they are going to be a blast! I just want to salsa/salsa now :) Have a great day.

  13. what a beaut your location is!!! When is your wedding date?

    Holy easy to make popcorn! I am most definitely going to go out and get some to make!!!

    My birthday is the 18th!!! when's your?!

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am confused I had not yet found you rblog either, as we seem to read many of the same blogs (Meghan Telpner, Voracious Vegan, Girl on Raw) - which reminds me, I need to update my blog roll. In the meantime, I have added you to my google reader so I can follow your blog :)

  15. wow! what fun wedding plans!!! I should try using coconut oil - looks great!

  16. Mmm the salad looks good! I love seeing your eats cause it gives me good ideas to keep my meals healthy.

    yeahhh for destination weddings!

  17. Oh! Coconut oil popped corn! One of my fave snacks. :)



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