Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Want a sneak peak??

I just got our wedding invites from the artist at ETSY!!  They are SO MUCH FUN!!!  She was awesome to work with and they are sooo perfect…  I want to show you guys, but too many of our wedding guests read my blog! (thanks guys, but you can’t see until they arrive in your mailbox!)

Email me if you want to see!!! :)  


Question for you guys? 

Do you have something you do to loose weight (only in a healthy way, of course)  I eat pretty healthy, and exercise (probably not enough though)… I need some inspiration!!  (Cougars in the walking/running/biking trains ARE NOT inspirational!) … Since I’ve lost my job in September, I haven’t been as active, my job was really active…  I have plenty of time, but lack the motivation! (I did go to the gym yesterday woo hoo)

Any tips regarding eating, exercise and motivation?


Have a great day!



  1. did you know the etsy person before ordering? i considered going this route but i was apprehensive because i wasnt sure if i could really trust someone to make my invities without having met them or done a consultation in person.....

  2. You could have a partner keep you accountable. How about doing videos in the morning with me and telling me what you did over email? I need some motivation too!

  3. I like planning my day around the gym (scheduling it) so I make a commitment to go. If I leave too much time before or after I tend to start doing other things. I love your new blog makeover btw!

  4. Smaller portions ... that is my tip :-) Try to get 10 servings of veggies/ fruit a day too ... if you fill up on those, you don't have room for anything else.

  5. Keep a food journal and smaller portions. That's my tip. Tracking my food is essential for me, I go in streaks, I don't know why I stop tracking because I stop losing weight as soon as I do.

  6. Try to find something you love to do...dancing, yoga and walking our my favs, jumping roping is really good too. You only need to 5 minutes of it too, so it is great for busy days.

    Good luck!

  7. I *love* Pilates and I love the studio I attend so it makes me WANT to go. It's an environment I like to be in so I can't wait to get there. Find something that makes you HAPPY and it will become something you want to do. if that doesn't work, consider your healthy lifestyle as appointments you have with yourself (going to the gym is an appointment you can't skip just because you're feeling lazy!)


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