Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I heart the mailman…

heartThis man brings me very much joy…. ha ha….  Happiness and joy….  Ok… I guess it’s somewhat the opposite of don’s shoot the messenger?  Because I realize that HE doesn’t get the stuff for me, he just drops it off, but I still love him!!

Yesterday I got a beautiful, wonderful, exotic package from the lovely Robyn @ Girl On Raw!  I heart her too!!  This package was so fantastic….


Ok, maybe there was one thing in the package that I know what to do with…

Raw donut holes… ummm  yes please!



Wow… these things are delish – spicy, nutty and melt in your mouth good.  I crushed one up this morning in my cereal and it was fantastic!!

Now onto the more exoticness

Now for those of you who don’t read Robyn’s blog, she is from Australia living in Saudi Arabia – so that’s where this delicious stuff came from.  (and some stuff “proudly made in Bahrain or Lebanon”)

Dates, which I have yet to open, but they look so good!


Rose water in a beautiful bottle! (I am so glad customs was nice this time, because it would have been a shame for this stuff to get broken)


Thyme (Zaater) – which is a mixture of spices – this stuff smells amazing!


Another gorgeous bottle – Blossom Water


Ready to drool?  Pomegranate molasses!!


Last but certainly not least – sumac – a Middle Eastern spice I have been looking for for awhile, the ingredient in one of my favorite salads – Fatoush!!  (Robyn will be making a guest appearance very soon to teach us to make this wonderful salad)


Also… if you live in the Riv’ Babaganoush (ok, let’s be honest, I have NO idea how to spell this) sells this salad – go try it and make sure to get one of their HUGE homemade flat breads to dip in all the sauce! (call me and I’ll come with you! haha)

Robyn thank you soooo much for such an amazing package!  I can’t wait for you to receive yours too! And I also can’t wait to test out all the stuff – YUM!!


Other somewhat exciting? news… I am 1st on the waitlist for my schooling for September – I hear from very reliable sources that people 1st on the list usually get in… so send me happy school vibes!


Also – in other news! Dairy Free Betty now has a facebook page!!   So click here to become a fan!!


And if you haven’t entered my giveaway you still have a few days – (and you get an entry every day for tweeting)!  I can’t believe all the entries – I think it’s over 100 now!! WOOT!


Are you doing anything fun?  We are going to a BBQ at a friends place!


  1. Totally JEALOUS!!!! That stuff looks great! I have several recipes for those items for sure. I have been wanting SUMAC for a long time. I have been in search of it as well and POM molasses. YUM! I have always wanted to use it but have not yet. WOW you are lucky to get a NICE goodie bag. COngrats!!

  2. Nice and Happy St. Patty's Day!


  3. w.o.w That is sooo awesome of her to send you ALL of those amazing goodies...the donut holes look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :D Sounds like you are having a fab day!

    p.s I added ya to my now I won't lose you again lol

  4. Wow what a great package, that's so fun that you did a little exchange :) Those donut holes look incredible, I'd love to make them.

  5. Oh how fun with the goody package!! Hope you have fun with your friends tonight!

  6. Best of luck on getting in to the program!!!!!!!

    What a sweet package!! I can't wait to see what you do with all those products!!

  7. Mmmmm... Fatoush, my favorite. Sumac is next to impossible to find luckily we have a specialty store in my area that carries it.


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