Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little of this… and a little of that!

So the other day we hopped in the car to go visit a friend!! 

Snacks were packed… tea was ready to go!!

DSC_1084 I was feeling sassy and ready to go!!


We headed off and when we got to my friend Rebecca’s house, we got to experience EXTREME CUTENESS…

prepare yourselves!

Naturally I did a photo shoot with the newest edition to Rebecca’s family!!  LUCY!!





She was SO cute, and so sweet (minus the sharp little teeth!!) I took about 70 pictures of her, but I figured you didn’t want to see all of them!! :) 

While visiting, we went out for AMAZING Mexican food.   I had a vegetarian platter which had rice, guac, beans, salsa, fresh corn tortillas and a small salad – Sorry no photo, but it was amazing!


Fast forward to Monday!!  Delicious food Monday!

Juice was had…  this had the works – apples, orange, swiss chard, lime, carrots and fennel.  YUM!!!


I also had an intense craving for bacon… so I made one of the best sandwich’s I have eaten!




After a busy 2+ hours playing dodgeball with over 20 kids!! I was exhausted and had a short break before my evening shift… so I made a quick stop to Starbucks!!  

I accidently bought these beautiful bowls…



So cute!! I love Starbucks for their fun bowls, cups and stuff!  (and their shaken green tea lemonade!)


I know this a random post….  so I’ll just keep it going with it..

Knock knock…  the mailman caught me in my Pj’s again!

But I was happy he did. 

I got some samples from JUST TOMATOES!  This could easily be the sample that I have received that I am the most excited about!

What is it you ask?


Dried fruit and veggies!!    Immediately I ripped open the mangos.




So sweet and mangoy – They are crunchy too (think freeze dried)!    And super addicting!


It’s ok if they are addicting though, this whole huge package is only 100 calories – take that 100 calorie oreo packs! ;)


I am in lovvvvvvvvvvvve!!   I can’t wait to rip open the other packages I got, I’m going to try to restrain myself until my upcoming trip, as they are PERFECT for travelling because they are light (weight wise), but filling!!

Funny fact – when I ripped them open, I dropped a few on the counter, and popped them into my mouth… THEY TASTED LIKE GARLIC!!  I couldn’t figure out why… then I remembered that I had just made some garlic bread (wait until tomorrow for the recipe and kudos to the brilliant lady who thought of it!) so they had been covered in garlic powder… thank goodness!!

Thankfully the ones out of the bag were garlic free!!

Anywhoo check out their website for more info on these yummy snacks and stay tuned for more reviews of these products and a possible giveaway!!


Well I’m off for another exciting day of school and Easter excitement!!

See ya tomorrow!



  1. i ADORE the just tomatoes stuff! i have to ration it out though because otherwise i would blow my entire paycheck on it. lucky girl!

  2. love randomness.

    i have been eyeing those bowls at starbucks too. i always ooh and ahhh over them. so cute.

  3. Dang girl you lucked out with those snacks!! I love the "freeze dried" consistency (or lack there of) of fruits and veggies :)

  4. What an awesome sample!! I have never heard of dried veggies!!

    Please come over to my house and while you are at it, bring me one of those sandwiches too. Thank you :-)

    Jolene xo

  5. mmmmm...they look like a great snack! I'll have to check them out!

  6. Those dried mangos look delish! I'm so jealous. I want some :P


  7. I've never tried freeze dried mango but dried mango is AMAZING so I'd like to!

    Lucy is SOO adorable!

  8. awww..cute puppy :) Sounds like you had a fun two days!

    That bacon sammie looks sooo amazing. I love bacon!

    Do you work for a community centre..and run programs (aka dodge ball) sounds a lot like what I do! :):)

  9. Lucy!!!!! She's tres cute and reminds me a bit of Daisy! What kind of dog is she? How old?


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