Friday, March 5, 2010

Snack Attack!

First off  - thank you for all the wonderful wishes on my exam yesterday – It was SO hard – I’m not even sure I passed it *pouts*.   I completely guessed on the first 10 questions (and there are only 60)… But it’s over!!  We shall see!

I thought it might be fun to do a “SNACK POST”!  Snacks can be so fun!  I’m looking forward to hearing your favorite snacks too!

In no particular order…
Popcorn! I love popcorn
Either air popped or stove popped!  No microwave popcorn allowed (butter/milk ingredients and icky chemicals)
Topped with Earth Balance butter – Sirriachi (hot sauce) or salt and nutritional yeast – and my newest topper – macca powder!! 

Up Next – As you all know I am LOVING my juicer!
People have asked me how I deal with cleaning it every day – if I do it right away – I just rinse it with hot water and then every second day I wash it in soapy water – super easy!

An oldie but a goodie – Ants on a log – Life doesn’t get much better than this! IMG_0301

Edemame is one of my favorite snacks – Great protein source too!

Hummus! Who doesn’t love hummus!  This brand is amazing, but it’s really easy to make your own too.   Great on veggies, salads, pitas, nacho chips!!  Possibilities are endless!

PS. I have fed this to countless kids too, and it’s always a hit!

If you have spent anytime reading blogs, you know about this snack already, but have you tried it?  
Carrots with Almond Butter – weird but fantastic!

Trail mix – again the possibilities are endless with this one too…
Grab a bowl and head into the pantry and mix away!

Snack bars!!!  So fun – so many to choose from!
This one is tasty – my favorite amazing grass flavor!

I lovvvvvvvve the tropical Larabar!! 
It’s a Hawaiian vacation in a bar!
Then of course there are the energy balls!  So quick and easy to make – check out my recipe here or go visit Averie for some of her great recipes! DSC_0623

While on the topic of Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga… I made these raw cookie dough balls – they are an awesome snack – and WAY healthier than eating real raw dough!
Are you hungry yet?  Only a few more…

A new favourite – banana soft serve – Whizz up frozen bananas (in the food processor) with a little almond milk – volia…. banana ice cream!   Top with which ever flavours you want – and you can even eat this for breakfast! YUM!

Last but CERTAINLY not least… one of my favourite snacks of all time…
This is THE ONLY Jalapeño flavour chip I can find that has no dairy! 
And it’s soooooooooo good!! 

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!!  It made me hungry! haha

Now it’s your turn

What are your 3 favorite “healthish” snacks?



  1. I like the popped chips from TJs (plain ones, the BBQ annoyingly have why in the flavor coating), rice cakes and peanut butter, dried fruit and nuts, and my chocolate chip banana nut muffins :)

  2. Oh man, now I really want ants on a log!
    My favorite snacks are greek yogurt, carrot sticks (need to try with almond butter), and cheerios! I am a huge hummus fan too!

  3. I LOVE snacks! We've got a lot of the same favorites. I adore popcorn, and I top it like you - vegan butter, hot sauce, salt, and nooch! LOTS of nooch!

    Hummus, moutable, all sorts of snacky dips, guacomole, nut dips, yum yum! And yay for edamame! We don't find it too often around here, but when we do I stock up and feast for weeks.

    Potato chips OF COURSE! Salt and vinegar is my favorite flavor.

    And chocolate FOR SURE!

  4. I love cheese and crackers, fruit, and fresh juice for snacks!

    I hate cleaning my juicer ... luckily the hubby always cleans it for me :-) He is sweet.

  5. My kids love ants on a log and I love it because it's actually a healthy snack! I love, love, love hummus. I like it with my homemade oven tortilla chips. I love black bean dip too. Can you tell I love dip? Great, now I want dip.

    My favorite snacks lately are yogurt, Vitatops, and raw veggies with light ranch. Yum! Hummus is not a snack for me, I have no control. I would eat that for a meal, Which is why I made homemade so it's healthier and much more low cal. :-)

  6. oh my goodness, i love all these snacks! i just got so many ideas.

    thanks for visiting my blog Jess, I love yours right back! (and added it to my link love )

  7. I really really LIKE hummus, it's a major staple in our diet and definitive aspect of my culture's cuisine, can't say I LOVE it. *ducks tomatoes* My snack dip of choice is tehina - just mix up the sesame paste with water, some lemon juice, and spices if desired. Also baba roasted eggplant. So good. With carrot sticks.

    Other fave snacks - guac, apples, toast with pb&j, crackers, and cereal straight from the box.

  8. Jess, where did you find the Amazing Grass bars in Canada?? Or did you order them direct? I'm dying to try them, but can't find them and am too cheap to pay the outrageous shipping prices they want, lol!


  9. Yum! This post definitely made me hungry. My three favorite snacks would have to be:
    -banana with PB
    -carrots with hummus
    -delicious bars

    There's too many bars to pick just one brand/flavor!

  10. Yay for snacks. Apples and carrots (not together) are one of my favorites.

    How do you pop your popcorn on the stove? I should look into that to avoid the chemicals in the microwave popcorn.

  11. I love Larabars! Usually eat them post-workout since they're a bit high on the calorie side. PB + J is my fav.

    I make a lot of muffins for my weekly lunch snacks. Easy, tasty and healthy.

  12. energy balls look so good!!!

    I am a snack monster!

  13. thanks for making my balls look soo good (twss!)
    great job, jessiiiiica!!!!

    awesome and i am so glad you tried them and dare i say, everyone loves them and you can make a raw vegan believer out of even the biggest doubters!

    Ants on a log and carrots w/ nut butter. LOVE both.

    The juicer cleanup, i think you wrote that for me...i swear girl, the top screen that's wire mesh of mine, the pulp just STICKS in there something fierce and even with the big toothbrush like brush the breville gives you, it still takes forever to unlodge the pulp. Thanks for your tips..I need in person help. Maybe you should come down and take a trip and we can play with balls together :)


  14. So I think we may be twins. All of your favorite snacks are my favorite snacks. I love the Kettle Jalapeno chips. I also have to be dairy free. It is crazy what has dairy in it!

    I love your blog :)

  15. LOVE all your snacks!! I'm all about the snacks :) I need to make those energy balls :) Have a good weekend!


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