Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dragon Fruit recipe!

Good morning!!

Another beautiful day today, I LOVE sunshine, it makes me so  happy! 

I’ve had a few questions re: Rawness haha…

Q – Are you still 100% Raw? 

A- I’d say I’m about 80% still.  Which I am pretty happy about.  My morning starts off with a big green smoothie (frozen strawberries, bananas, macca powder, spirilina, kale or spinach and a date for sweetness – and a new favorite – PARSLEY

Lunch has been a big snack plate with different salads, veggies and a few taco chips for fun!!

Dinner (last night) was a veggie burger with a lettuce bun, jam packed with guacamole, salad on the side with an energy ball for desert!

Q – We want recipes…   can you share?!

A – I would LOVE to share the recipes, but they are all in www.rawrose.com book!!   But she has quite a few of her awesome recipes HERE, I have made all of them and they are great (especially the Banana Lemon Pie and Hummus)


I’ve decided not to do a day by day anymore, as that would mean I have 6 days to document, so I will just share some more photos!!

Sunshine burgers with jicima fries!  Perfect for your RAWBQ!  haha



Green smoothie topped with GOGI berries!!  All hail the GOGI!!

(thanks Donna for your lovely photo styling!)

DSC_1805 Check out these Pineapples!!  They looked like they were just picked off a beach in Hawaii!!!!!

DSC_1812 We used these to make a delicious frozen pineapple pie – which tasted like PINA COLADA!!   Raw deserts are the best!!!

DSC_1830 Some more pictures of the lovely view… I spent lots of time in those chairs, reading books and chit chatting!!



Back to food!

Have you seen a dragon fruit before?   I thought they were beautiful…

DSC_1844 DSC_1848 Now for a quick breakfast recipe for you!  

Toss together some grapes, dragon fruit, avocado, sprinkle over some lemon juice – serve over sprouts… 


DSC_1850 DSC_1854 A very pretty breakfast, that’s for sure!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s post!! Lots of delicious food, that’s for sure!!

Question for you!!  Are you interested in the Raw Food movement??

Also have you seen the Simply Raw video?  Take 5 mins to watch the trailer, It’s amazing!!

Have a great day!!



  1. pineapple cake, raw? YUM!! How do I get the recipe for that? Looks wonderful. Is it in the raw cookbook? Glad you had an awesome time at raw cooking school. too FUN!

  2. Wow! the trailer for that Simply Raw is amazing. Looks like a very cool show. And looks like you had such an amazing time at the course!

  3. OMG that trailer was so moving and motivational! I feel outraged that modern medicine wants to pump people full of unnecessary drugs instead of actually healing them. It's all about money. If everyone incorporated a high raw diet there would be no need for the hundreds of thousands of drugs that are pushed upon us. It's bullshit.
    Anyway, I am happy to hear you are loving your raw food - it really does look amazing!

  4. I remember cutting into a dragon fruit for the first time, and being SHOCKED!! It looks so cool!

    That recipe sounds great - that will make a perfect salad for my next dinner party!

  5. Yes raw desserts are the best!!

    In regards to your question about a snack that is crunchy like popcorn, we will have to think about it. I am sure there is something that doesn't require baking or dehydrating

  6. The dragon fruit looks great! Very pretty! I've never had it.

  7. Dragon fruit is popular in Mexico and I have it alot when I visit my family. You can actually make a dragon fruit juice with lime juice and agave and it is OUT of this world!


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