Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Well hello there! 

I’m happy to report we are home safe and sound – after almost 30 hours of traveling due to flight cancellations, delays and layovers!

I don’t think I have EVER been as excited to be home as I am right now!   I can’t wait to start cooking, and getting back to normal life!!   (after I stop waking up at 4:00am)


Now in case you missed any posts while I was gone, here are some recaps!!

Christie shared with us her Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream recipe!

Then there was my “Screeched in” post… Which has a quick intro to my trip… ( I still haven’t posted my screeched in story yet… must do that)

Up next was a trip up to Signal Hill – which is full of yummy food pictures and pictures of gorgeous Signal Hill.


Guest Post #2 – Ilana’s AMAZING Vegetable Fettuccini ala Vodka recipe…. MMMMMM  (drool)

Guest Post #3 – Pam – my lovely non blogger friend made her debut with Teriyaki Tofu recipe – which looks fantastic!!

Then there was a tour down George Street – which is a small street in St. John’s full of 22 bars, and that’s it!!



I gave a quick review of The Sprout – Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant in St. John’s!!  I also found some cute little love notes while here, check it out!


Then I did a post about Food that SAVED me… it has lots of great ideas for eating while travelling!!

THIS is my favourite post from Newfoundland so far… we took a drive and I found some of the most amazing places.   Made me believe Newfoundland is the most beautiful place on earth!


Guest Post # 4 from Sarah – I think it got lost in the process since I was travelling at this point!!  Make sure to check it out!!

May Yoga Pose Post – On top of Signal Hill I did my HALF MOON pose!  I had so much fun doing this one!!


Rattling Brook Falls – A beautiful hike – a post full of photos!


Last but not least Guest Post #5 – Tasha from Clean Eating Mama tells her awesome story!


I hope you enjoy recap and get a chance to catch up on any posts you may have missed!!   ( I still have a few more guest posts coming up this weekend!!)


Question for you now…  What would you like me to post about now?

More Newfoundland Recaps?

Raw Foods Course I’m doing this weekend?

Back to normal foodie/life goodness


I don’t want to bore anyone with more Newfoundland stuff, I still have TONS of pictures though! haha


  1. Glad to hear you're home safe! I hate travel delays...sooooo frustrating.

    <3'ed all your travel posts - I haven't travelled much of Canada but it seems fabulous. I should go. Oh and I <3 your half moon pic - I only JUST figured out how to do Half Moon properly! yay me haha

    can't wait to hear about the raw food course!! i'm definitely not a raw foodist but i really love all the techniques i've picked up just from reading blogs, it really helps me be more creative when it comes to creating even simple meals.

    welcome home sweet home!!

    (oh and you reminded me i obviously have to make more of my fettucini a la vodka)

  2. I am becoming fascinated with the whole raw food thing so I'd be very interested to hear about your course. :)

    Glad you're home safe and sound Jessica!

  3. I would love to hear about the raw food course!!!!!!! Also, everything else too :-)

    Welcome home!!!!

  4. Me..... I want to hear about the raw food course! I am so jealous and wish I could take it with you!!

  5. welcome back and what a great trip!

    i would like you to post on your real life...your day to day life. i wish more bloggers would do this. like what your house looks like or your shirt that day or whatever...i dont care about the food, i care about you :)

  6. Glad you made it home safely! I would love to hear more about the raw foods course you are taking.

  7. Glad you're home safely -beautiful pictures!

  8. WOO HOOO!! I am so glad you are back! Welcome back safe and sound :) Your pictures are beautiful! What an amazing place to visit!

    I want to hear more on all the above!!! Especially the raw food course ;)


  9. Ouch on the travel time. At least you made it back safely. It must feel incredible to be home!

  10. That raw food course sound really interesting, where are you taking it at?


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